School’s Out For NEW ARRIVALS

We just restocked the shop with so many amazing things!!

21 June 2018 -

School’s out,

new arrivals are IN! 

Summer is here, and we’re ready to brighten our spaces!! We filled the shop with new product to bring your home to life! From functional and beautiful kitchen decor, to pieces that will bring character to your nooks and crannies, to pieces that will offer storage and utility for your family. SHOP NOW!!


How-To: Be the Host with the MOST

Fill your shelves with NEW DECOR




  • Lean artwork in a built-in! It’s easy, convenient, and gives it a casual, laid-back feel. Sea Voyage is a gorgeous piece to start with. 
  • Contrast materials with ease with this beautiful box made with leather and velvet. 
  • The Gold Floral Box is a substantial piece of decor that brings a huge amount of vintage charm to your built-in, countertop, or coffee table. It’s one finish, but it’s full of pattern and texture! 
  • The Aged Wood Pot is crafted with real wood and can be thrown anywhere! Fill with herbs by the sink, florals in a built-in, or pencils on a desk! 


  • Throw our new beads in paper mache bowls  for contrast in color, texture, and to create visual interest. Each bowl is unique, so your shelves will have that diverse, one-of-a-kind feel. 
  • Our pink quartz frame is so pretty on its own, making any picture you put in it feel special. Each frame is unique and available in two sizes, so you can pair two photos together as well! 
  • Our nanou baskets have a rich color palette that brings your space to life! We love the stripes! 
  • There’s more to the Artisan Vase than meets the eye. Hand crafted from recycled glass by European artisans, their shape is organic and versatile! 




  • Baskets: not only are they pretty, but they’re a great place to store extra knick knacks you don’t want on display!  

We never skip on FUNCTIONALITY

Date Posted
21 June 2018