Calabasas Remodel: Casita Lounge Webisode

Check out the webisode for this cool, California, area to hang out in!

20 June 2018 -

Today we’re back with the Casita Lounge! Yesterday we showed you the photo tour, and today is the webisode! Our clients needed a space to gather and hang out. It needed to have dual purpose, and also serve as a crafting/game area with a table. It’s small and we didn’t want to overcrowd it.

See how we used custom furniture to create a space that’s casual, with plenty of character! 


You’ve probably noticed that Shea loves to add a hint of black to every project, and it’s pretty strong in this one! From the baskets in the sideboard and bookcase, to the floor lamp, to the Ruthie chairs, the sideboard, and the photography prints, you can spot it everywhere! The contrast it creates is so lively in a coastal space like this. 



Date Posted
20 June 2018