The Dreamiest Hallways on the Internet
05/14 Room Inspiration

The Dreamiest Hallways on the Internet

How to create the hallway of your dreams!

Hallways are a favorite on the internet, and it's easy to see why. They have a grand, open feeling that just steals your heart. A beautiful hallway doesn't need much, but good lighting and sometimes a good rug or some artwork makes a world of a difference! 

Here's how we put together a good one, and a roundup of our favorite hallways on the internet! 

Design by  Tracy Hardenburg
Design by  M. Elle Design

Design by M. Elle Design

Designs by  Melanie Davis

Designs by Melanie Davis

Design by  Ali Ross

Design by Ali Ross

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Studio McGee
  1. when you enter my house, there is a stairwell leading upstairs on the left and the living room on the right. The living room doesn’t have a archway (or door) that separates it from the hallway bc of a long window that stretches from the living room to the entrance way. Would love to see ways to decorate a smaller entryway to make the space distinct from the living room, yet bright and airy. Both spaces are separate, but as there isn’t a door separating the two they kind of flow one into the other. Hope this is clear.

  2. Love the gallery wall in your Calabasas Remodel…would you share where the natural wood, photo frames are from? Thank you!

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