Go Dark: Black Stain + Shou Sugi Ban

See why we're loving this dark trend for Spring!

10 April 2018 -

We’re loving a dark stain at the moment! You might be wondering why we’re loving such a dark trend as temperatures rise, but it brings more warmth (and sophistication) than you think! 

Why do we love it? The visible woodgrain adds a layer of texture and warmth that you don’t get with a clean painted finish. It’s refreshing to mix it up, even though a paint finish is gorgeous too! As the wood grain shows through, you’ll see that it has a really organic feel to it!

You can’t beat the contrast and depth a black stain brings to a space. Rich dark tones in flooring or furniture can really bring out natural beauty and elevate a design to a higher end look. Every space needs some kind of focal point and creating natural contrast is a beautiful way to do it. 


Design by  Mindy Gayer

Design by Mindy Gayer

Design by Kara Smith of  the Home Study

Design by Kara Smith of the Home Study

We can’t talk about dark stains without addressing the Japanese method of Shou Sugi Ban. This method is basically charring your wood in order to prevent fires, insects, and rotting. It’s not just stained wood!  


Anthony Esteves and partner Julie O’Rourke of The Soot House, have used this method in the most beautiful way. Esteves restored a 1700’s home in Cape Cod, and used this method to create a finish that would sustain and stand out. The result couldn’t be more perfect!!    

Photography by  Greta Rybus

Photography by Greta Rybus


We’re especially excited about this method because we’ll be using it in one of our future projects. 

Design by  The Graham & Co

Design by The Graham & Co

Design by  Mark Lewis

Design by Mark Lewis

Design by  NeM Architects

Design by NeM Architects


Not ready to commit? Try the trend out with a piece of furniture! 

Date Posted
10 April 2018