Behind the Scenes: McGee & Co. Party
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Behind the Scenes: McGee & Co. Party

See how we celebrated our new store!!

As we wrap up our posts on the McGee & Co. Storefront, we're giving you a glimpse of the party we had the night before the opening! You can get a full photo tour here, and watch the webisode here!

Create Your Own floral Arrangement

We had a flower station where guests could create their own beautiful arrangements to take home!! We used some one of our top sellers, the Greige Planters. The amazing sign was made by the Polka Dot Chair!!! 
kateosbornephotography-188 (1)_preview.jpg
kateosbornephotography-194 (1)_preview.jpg
kateosbornephotography-197 (1)_preview.jpg

party favors

Flowers weren't the only party favor, we also set guests home with small goodies in the cutest small wire baskets!
kateosbornephotography-200 (1)_preview.jpg


There was a charcuterie board (our favorite), yummy appetizers, delicious drinks and Sidecar Donuts of course!!
kateosbornephotography-204 (1)_preview.jpg
kateosbornephotography-218 (1)_preview.jpg
kateosbornephotography-219 (1)_preview.jpg
kateosbornephotography-206 (1)_preview.jpg
kateosbornephotography-221 (1)_preview.jpg
kateosbornephotography-230 (1)_preview.jpg


We had custom bags for corn hole made with a pattern you'll be seeing lots of, soon!
kateosbornephotography-235 (1)_preview.jpg

Live Sketches

We also had Chloe Hearts Art doing live sketches of guests that were printed out on polaroids! Our version of caricature artist drawings you'd get at a fair or amusement park.
Untitled_Artwork 42.png
kateosbornephotography-237 (1)_preview.jpg
kateosbornephotography-250 (1)_preview.jpg
kateosbornephotography-243 (1)_preview.jpg
kateosbornephotography-246 (1)_preview.jpg
kateosbornephotography-255 (1)_preview.jpg

ribbon cutting

We had to end the night with a ribbon cutting! Our next door neighbor was laughing at us. He said, “you’re going to do a ribbon cutting for that store?!” and I said, “yes we are.” It's only 500 square feet, but it's special to us.
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