The Sunday 7: Wren is Five and Gardening Motivation

Birthday parties, shoes, design inspiration, thoughts on gardening, and my favorite podcast episode this week. Xo-S

04 March 2018 -

1. Our Wren turned 5 this past week! I’ve been consumed with birthday prep and of course the actual parties themselves. Although I’m having a hard time coming to grips with the whole getting older thing (in more ways than one), I’m loving this cute age so much.

Studio McGee's The Sunday 7

2. I posted about this top awhile ago and it sold out fast, but now it’s back in stock! It goes up a little in the back, so I usually pair it with high waisted jeans.

3. I love a dressed up flat. These are hands-down the best shoe purchase I’ve made in awhile. I get so many compliments on them. They look AND feel well made. I cropped the upper half of this photo because it contains a McGee & Co. product announcement that we’re launching this week!

Studio McGee's The Sunday 7

4. I came across this bedroom on Pinterest and I really love the vibe – I’m particularly drawn to to the color palette and mix of styles. It incorporates tan/brown without feeling tan/brown – 2 colors that were a big NO for awhile that I believe we’ll be seeing more and more of in the near future. I love that if we showed a client the lamp by itself they probably wouldn’t go for it, BUT when you see it paired with cool textiles and modern pieces the look comes together in a really cool way.

5. I haven’t put this cup down in weeks. I first discovered it through this blog. It has all the things I need – handle, straw, fits in my cupholder, and it keeps drinks cold!

6. Do you garden? I’ve always dreamed of learning to garden and I’m determined to have one in our backyard after our home is complete. I feel certain that just like design, gardening is much harder than it sounds BUT I’m excited for the process.

Image via House and Home Design: Stacy Begg & Lauren Petroff Photography: Michael Graydon

Image via House and Home Design: Stacy Begg & Lauren Petroff Photography: Michael Graydon

7. I know I already mentioned this on stories, but I absolutely loved this 7 minute podcast episode. It reminded me to change my perspective and be grateful for the right now (the good and the bad) – exactly what I needed to hear.

Have a great week! Xo-S

Date Posted
04 March 2018