The Sunday 7 – Antiques and Other Great Finds

10:57 PM on a Sunday night. Better late than never, right? Xo-S

02 April 2018 -

1. Happy Easter! What a special day. I’m immensely grateful for our family and for holidays that force us to slow down for a minute and enjoy each other. (PS. I linked the dress below and I’m wearing the xs)

Studio McGee

2. I spent a couple days in Round Top, Texas this past week. Round Top is a tiny town (population 90) located between Austin and Houston. A few times a year it hosts a huge Antiques fair and people come from all over the world to shop. There is a lot of everything from junk to high-end antiques and it is a really fun experience if you’re like me and find thrill in the hunt. I was there to meet a client that loooves antiques. We shopped hard for their new home we are designing and they went home with a U-Haul + van filled with treasures. I am working to create a guide to share with you some of my favorite places as planning a trip can be quite daunting!

Studio McGee goes to Round Top

3. While I was in Round Top I did a story on Instagram wearing these sunglasses and was bombarded with questions. I understand why because they’re pretty great!

3. I usually find myself only wearing white tops from April to August. Not really. But kind of.

5. I’ve been really digging the single open shelf look recently. This one is particularly intriguing to me because the brackets are placed on top of the marble – I love simple, but thoughtful details like that!

6. What’s the one luxury you dream about in a future home? For me….well, I’ve got two:

– Pebble Ice Maker

– A mudroom

7. Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend! We have a biggg week ahead and I’m looking forward to sharing soon! Xo-S

Date Posted
02 April 2018