How to Decorate a Nightstand: 3 Tips + 3 Ways To Do It

We've got three tips for styling your bed, and three different ways to do it!

09 April 2018 -

Your bedroom should be a getaway, a place to escape!

Full of personal touches, bursts of life, and plenty of functionality. We’ve got three tips for styling your nightstand, and three different ways to do it! We used the Josiah Double Nightstand and Morton Table Lamp for each look.

  • Storage: We always have some sort of storage on display to corral knick-knacks you don’t want on display. It’s nice to have a place to store headphones, chargers, etc.
  • A Burst of Life: You know how we feel about greenery! Using branches and florals is a great way to bring your space to life and create dimension with your styling.
  • Something Personal: Whether it’s a framed photo, your favorite book, or an accessory that you just love, it’s going to make your space feel personal to you.

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Look #1

  • Storage: Eureka Baskets: Not only do these baskets have natural texture, but they make for great storage for larger items. Our favorite detail is the leather straps!
  • Burst of Life: Shiloh Pot + Stems: We love softening the masculine, rustic planter with beautiful greenery! With a large planter that almost matches the size of the lamp, the look is complete with a small clock.
  • Something Personal: Pretty Books: Pick out some books that personally inspire you and stack them for extra dimension.

Look #2

  • Burst of Life: Shadow Vase + Various Stems: We used a lot of light and natural colors, so this darker vase really makes a statement. We created more visual interest by filling it with greenery that flops over instead of standing straight up.
  • Storage: White Hide BoxThese sophisticated boxes are substantial enough to fill open space on their own, and make a perfect spot to store old journals, sleeping masks, etc. Our favorite detail is the brass-lipped handle!
  • Something Personal: Wood Geo FrameThis frame really stands out with the contrast of white and natural wood, especially when displayed with a metallic lamp. The perfect place for the special photo you want to display.

Look #3

  • Burst of Life: Ames Pot + Blossom Stems. These pots are subtly speckled, complemented perfectly with spring blossoms. You can’t beat their killer price either!
  • For Storage: Weathered Gray Round BoxA modern silhouette and weathered finish make this simple round box a cool addition to your nightstand!
  • A Personal Touch: Socrates BookendThis bookend is a special piece that makes a statement when thoughtfully displayed as a decorative object.
Date Posted
09 April 2018