The Sunday 7: Gearing Up For Spring

This week's Sunday 7. From projects and antiques to my favorite chocolate chips! Xo- S.

25 March 2018 -

1. We had 5 full home presentations in 4 days this week. I swore I will never do that again.

Which means we will most definitely end up doing that again.

2. Right before we head to California for most of April, I’m taking a quick trip to Texas to go antiquing in Round Top with one of our clients. Their custom home and barn designed by Tim Cuppett Architects are starting to take shape! Even in the framing stage you can tell how spectacular they will be:

Studio McGee's The Sunday 7
Studio McGee's The Sunday 7
Studio McGee's The Sunday 7

3. I’m not sure if it’s all the traveling that has made me a germ freak or becoming a mom…either way, I carry hand spray around with me EVERYWHERE. Someone even told me they bought the Shea spray recently (can’t decide if I’m embarrassed or proud of that). Here are a few things I’d be lost without while on the road:

4. Strangely enough, my job requires a lot of hand modeling. Everything from pointing to items during presentations to placing accessories in our webisodes. I loooove simple gold rings and wear them on almost every finger stacked in whatever combination I’m feeling that day. Here are some of my favorites out there in a wide range of price points:

5. We launched a new batch of vintage pillows this past week and all the squares sold out in a day! Holy cow. I was laughing because I guess people don’t love the lumbar shape? Maybe you feel nervous about how to use that size? I like to use a lumbar at the front of almost every bed arrangement. I also like to put a lumbar at the front of a grouping of 3 pillows on a sofa (22″ square, 20″ square. then a lumbar).

Studio McGee's The Sunday 7

6. One of my favorite Sunday traditions is baking a dessert with my girls. My mom did the same growing up and I am so happy to carry the tradition. Last week I made these chocolate chip cookies and I can honestly say it was one of the best recipes I’ve ever tried. I bought high quality semi-sweet and milk chocolate bars and chopped them into chunks to take it up a notch.

Studio McGee's The Sunday 7

7. This week was rough in a lot of ways, but in the middle of one stress-filled morning I looked up for a second to see all of our teams – McGee & Co./Marketing/Design/Operations hustling and just getting stuff done! Without me. It has been a strange feeling to watch our company grow from just me to multiple teams bringing their focused expertise to the table to create something bigger than I can fully grasp. In a way it feels like being a parent –  long sleepless nights in the beginning, followed by learning, growth, pride, heartbreak, and changing demands. I’ll spare you before I dive too far into sappy territory, but I’m proud of our team and excited to see how things continue to evolve.


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25 March 2018