The Sunday 7 – Calm Before The Storm

The Sunday 7: This week I'm talking about the color beige, my favorite espadrilles, a killer before/after, my love for insta-cart and our first purchase for our future home. Xo-S

18 March 2018 -

1. I have one more normal week before we embark on the busiest 6 weeks of the year. And then we get a little bit of normal again before heading out to the biggest install we’ve ever had! It will take our team an entire week to complete. I haven’t talked much about this project yet (or given it a name), but it’s going to be jaw-dropping! This lakehouse has it’s own cabin, y’all. And we’re talking about the kind of cabin that has Apparatus lighting and a rolling ladder in the kitchen nook.

2. I guess I like beige now? It’s funny how tastes ebb and flow. I find myself increasingly drawn to beige tones in a variety of difference places – cabinetry, bedding, decor, and fashion. At one time the word alone made people cringe, but now it is being used in a fresh way and I love it. 

McGee & Co. Bedding

Photo by Travis J. Photography

Photo by Travis J. Photography

3. I know it’s not technically spring yet, but spring is here in my heart. Pairing closed-toe espadrilles with sweaters is one of my favorite between season looks. Give me all the espadrilles…

4. These boyfriend jeans are all you need. I’ve worn them 5 out 7 days since I bought them. 

5. This remodel by Robert Norris is blowing my mind. You might not believe it at first, but look closely and you’ll see how it all lines up.


6. Do you use Insta-cart? I was hesitant to try it at first, but it has been a game-changer for me. I’d much rather spend my time doing something fun with the family instead of yelling at my kids in the grocery store for trying to jump out of the cart, you know? It’s easy to use and I honestly probably save money because I’m actually sticking to a list instead of getting distracted at the store.

7. Last night at midnight I made our first real purchase for our future home! A pair of antique pine pocket doors I found on eBay. I think we will use them for our pantry or laundry room doors!!!

Have a great week! Xo-S

Date Posted
18 March 2018