Friday Inspiration: Shou Sugi Ban

Beautiful images we found on Pinterest and a cool Japanese burning method!

09 February 2018 -

Next week is Valentines Day!  To celebrate we put together a gift guide full of things you should give to yourself that happen to be Shea’s must-haves. We also shared an update on what’s going on with our McGee & Co. store and revealed a webisode and photo tour for our Riverbottoms Remodel Living Room!

We’re drooling over the contrast in this photo! The dark wood isn’t painted black, it’s actually been torched to keep the wood from rotting or being susceptible to fires. This Japanese practice is called shou sugi banand it’s a beautiful method that we’re going to be using in one of our upcoming projects! There’s a full page of inspiration found on The Remodelista

Design by NeM Architects via  The Remodelista

Design by NeM Architects via The Remodelista

This bathroom is clean, timeless and very refreshing. 

We love how this space feels charming and old-school, but bright, airy and modern at the same time! And all those books!  

Design by  Busatti Studio

Design by Busatti Studio

This space is full of natural, texture, and dimension. We love the simple approach it has, while also being full of life.  

Sharing two seating areas in a row, because we can’t help it! Look at that killer fig!! 

Design by   Robin Strickler

Design by  Robin Strickler

Date Posted
09 February 2018