Riverbottoms Mudroom Remodel: Before/After
03/05 Mudroom

Riverbottoms Mudroom Remodel: Before/After

You've got to see this pretty transformation!

Have you been keeping up with our Riverbottoms Remodel?

Our client requested an all-white mudroom, so we gave it a much needed a facelift and more storage. It’s connecting with the laundry room, but doesn’t have a ton of space. See how we made it feel open and functional!

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Riverbottoms Mudroom Remodel: Before/After
Riverbottoms Mudroom Remodel: Before/After


The first step is finding a rug that can hold up in a high-traffic area that also happens to be pretty enough to make a statement at the same time. The Elizabeth Rug has an enlarged vintage pattern that’s charming but not overwhelming, so you won’t get tired of it over time. It’s an indoor/outdoor rug so you can easily rinse it off with a hose when it dirites!

Riverbottoms Mudroom Remodel: Before/After
Riverbottoms Mudroom Remodel: Before/After

With a coat of white paint and new built-in storage, it’s hard to believe this is the same space! We created cubbies on the top and bottom to utilize the extra space. The wool baskets are perfect for holding extra trinkets you don’t want on display and making the space feel uniform. You can’t beat that soft woven base either!

Riverbottoms Mudroom Remodel: Before/After
Riverbottoms Mudroom Remodel: Before/After
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Studio McGee
  1. This is something that I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers, designers, stylists, influencers, etc (whatchmacallits) are wont to do: take very BAD photos of the BEFORE just to highlight the contrast with the AFTER. While the AFTER reveal is definitely great and consistent with your brand, let’s not discredit the previous design by literally putting it in bad light and crooked angles. It’s not bad nor ugly, but the pictures are trying hard to show it as such. Please Shea and team, you are SO good in what you do, please don’t fall into this bad-pictures-of-before practice because everything you touch turns to gold.

    Honest opinion here,
    Your Fan

    1. Hi Lynn! We appreciate your support/feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to have a professional photographer come in to shoot the before photos. We also don’t want to disturb the homeowners by coming into their space for professional photos while they’re living in the space, so we have found it most convenient to have them take a quick camera phone before photo. That’s the best we can do. I can’t speak for other bloggers, designers, stylists, or "whatchamacallits", but I’m assuming they have similar situations!

  2. This is so beautiful! Every detail is gorgeous, as always. I love the way you carried the wood from the bench throughout the bottom of the cabinets.

  3. Hey, S&S! Love this and pretty much everything you do. Wondering if you did anything to the front door (i.e. sanded, etc?)? I love wood and white!

  4. Lovely room! Can you share the floor tile info? I’m loving the slate look but concerned about durability.

  5. Love the before and after! Great job! I was wondering… was the door repainted or replaced? Thanks for your time and for being so inspiring!

  6. I’ve never seen any other designer literally ignore requests for sources on so many posts. For someone that obviously loves the spotlight you would think you would reward your followers with the information they ask for.

    1. Hi Maggie! We appreciate your feedback and your time for reading out blog. Unfortunately, we are unable to share all the details because our clients pay for a room that is unique and personal for them. As respect to them, we cannot share all the details!

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