Riverbottoms Remodel: Living Room Reveal
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Riverbottoms Remodel: Living Room Reveal

Take a tour through the living room of our Riverbottoms Remodel! 

We're so excited to reveal the living room of our Riverbottoms Remodel! Our clients wanted a living room that felt bright, clean, and updated. See more of the Riverbottoms Remodel by checking out the Living Room, Kitchen + Dining, Mudroom, Entryway, Laundry Room, and Master Closet




We started by treating the space to a fresh coat of Simply White by Benjamin Moore. It really refreshed the space, making it feel open and airy. We then removed the stone fireplace and did a shiplap with alternating plank sizes to create an interesting stripe effect. The custom concrete fireplace and hearth allows for extra space and seating while also making a statement.
We took out the wall-to-wall carpeting that filled the space so it would feel continuous and open with the kitchen. We used Alta Vista Laguna by Hallmark Flooring. The Tory Coffee Table is a favorite because it grounds the space with its blocky build and natural details.
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When designing a gathering space we try to layer in as much seating as possible. These stools are a great option because they're comfortable and don't take up much space or block the view of the fireplace. The rich leather also ties in with the wooden ceilings beautifully!
To ensure that this space felt cozy, we chose to use this rug. The background has a gray affect that hides things better than a bright white would. The pattern isn't too overwhelming but provides texture, and its soft touch really makes the space feel livable and comfy for a family. We loved the warmth and amazing texture created with the wooden beams on the ceiling, so we kept those. The space felt like it needed two long sofas facing each other, but the fireplace is off centered. We had to mess with the space plan by centering the furniture to one side, and creating an open walkway on the other side.
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We try to avoid creating clusters of artwork on multiple walls in a space. It tends to feel like too much, and we don't want it to feel jumbled. Choose a collection for one wall, and a large statement piece to ground another. We chose to place the Moody Mountain artwork above the fireplace and At Dusk above the sofa.


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  1. So on walls and ceiling is it eggshell on walls and flat on ceiling? It looks like the same sheen? The entry way in this house was satin right? But, in this family room looks like eggshell? I am painting next week need help

  2. Just jumped to your shop for rugs, I highly suggesting adding a sort options – size being the most important. If I can’t at least sort size (let alone colors and weave type), I don’t even look. I imagine most people looking for a rug have to start with the size.

  3. So awesome, love the space. I am taking rock off my fireplace, and want to do concrete, any recommendations for who I would call to do this? thank-you Lynda cook

  4. Wow, you guys never cease to amaze me, I love everything about this living room! I also love that you tell us the issues you face and how you overcame them, that part is really helpful.

  5. Wow!! I liked the "before" but I REALLY like the "after". Great job to all involved!

    Quick question – I’ve been wanting to install beams in our family room for texture and visual interest. Can you tell me if the beams in this family room are faux or real? Also, any idea how wide and high they are? That would give me an idea for beam width and height in our home. If you have that information, it would be great but I understand if you don’t.

    Thanks and continued success!

  6. Are these the Clayton long sofas available on McGee & Co? I’m thinking about ordering the sofa, but this one looks like it is longer than the one on your website and has another foot in the middle. Thanks for your help!

  7. This is all simply fabulous! I’m currently starting a custom build and this is quickly becoming my inspiration. I’ve scoured the blog posts, but cannot find anything regarding the flooring and wood beams. Those beams are what my dreams are made of!! Can you please share any details? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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