Calabasas Remodel: Great Room Reveal
03/08 Project Tours

Calabasas Remodel: Great Room Reveal

Tour the great room and dining room of our Calabasas Remodel! 

Our latest project brought us back to California! When our clients reached out to us they had just bought a new home that felt VERY 90’s. We wanted to update it to represent the young, cute family that they are. We busted through the install, photographed the space, and shot the video all in ONE DAY! We’re so excited to show you how it turned out. Don't miss the webisode! Catch up with the rest of the Calabasas Remodel by checking out the Master Suite, Kids' Rooms, Family Room, and Kitchen + Laundry Room!

The Great Room had wall-to-wall carpet, overpowering drapes, and needed something to make it feel grand. With a long space like this, we knew we needed to divide it into two spaces so we made a formal great room and dining room with easy going California vibes. 




Our clients wanted white walls and a sunny bright aesthetic. They loved the idea of contrast, so we used dark hardwood floors to bring depth. The drapes were huge bore, with a lot of extra fabric. We used stationary panels layered with a woven shade, using a layered look that makes it feel coastal. The tongue in groove detail in the ceiling beams make the space feel grande. 


The great room is the first thing you see when you enter so we wanted it to be open and conversational. We didn’t want it to be too formal and uniform, so we styled a dresser as a console and modern shelving unit on the sides of the fireplace. 


The charcoal sofa and indigo vintage artwork in the sitting room are dark contrasts that bring depth, so we complimented these by using monochromatic natural tones on the dining room.


We needed to make a statement, so we grounded the table with a large vase. The blue color is bold, but natural, and it serves as the perfect home for these grand branches. 


Woven textures and wood tones keep it feeling lively, so we used chunky, wrapped dining chairs at the head of the table and used the Anders Chair for the rest of the seating. The natural wood and woven rope play off each other, making the space feel coastal and textured. An indoor/outdoor rug is durable, and keeps the formal space feeling casual. 

*Please note the dining table featured in this space is a custom 9 foot Benu Dining table and the overall dimensions differ. This custom size is not available on our site and cannot be reproduced.



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Studio McGee
  1. Is the dining room rug large enough? I see the legs of the chairs at the end off the rug, it seems like that could be a problem to those that sit there.

  2. What color did you do the walls and ceiling in. What paint finish did you do the ceiling in. i.e. eggshell, satin, matt? Thx

  3. It turned out beautiful, the ceiling brings so much more interest to the room. Great job! Is there a rule when to place captain’s chairs completely on the rug and when it’s ok not to?

  4. Beautiful! May I kindly ask where the leather woven bench is from in the family room? In front of the fireplace? I’ve been looking for something exactly like it! Thank you.

  5. Taking inspiration from this room, I have a design question. My living room space is a similar set up with the floating tv grounded by a wood tv stand with assymetrical wall space on both sides. Can I add a book similar book shelf next to the TV stand with the same wood color ? Will it be over powering.

  6. Sandy Fye
    Love the room. Clean and fresh. I have been trying to find the white pillow with the random dash marks either navy or black(can’t tell).
    Do you still carry that pillow? If so where do I find it. Thanks

    1. Sandy, the white pillow with the nice dash lines (or so it seems like it) uses a fabric from Clay Mclaurin. Check their website and confirm, but I think it’s definitely from their textile collection.

  7. Amazing transformation. Took me a minute to appreciate the asymmetrical fireplace wall as at first glance it made me a bit uncomfortable that both sides didn’t match, but it actually looks lovely. Don’t think this direction is for everyone, though. The clients must love the idea if they agreed to it, so good for them ?

  8. Beautiful! Re: the dining room rug, I think if it were any longer, it would look out of proportion in the space. I think the length is perfect, and with a lightweight wicker chair, as you’ve used, over that style and texture fabric, there would be no odd feeling of imbalance or issue with pushing/pulling the chairs in and out.

  9. Really great looks! Can I just transport it all to my Santa Cruz remodel? Two questions: 1) If you hadn’t used Chantilly lace, what would have been your second white paint pick in BM? 2) Rounded baseboards. In the second to last photo the baseboards are beautifully finished and rounded, not squared off. What do you call that style? Can I do it on my own? I have two squarish columns that I am refinishing with bull-nose corners and want to carry that curve through to the baseboards as you have.

  10. The Geoffrey Chandelier looks so dark in these images! Did you paint it dark or is that just the way the photos make it look? Love it!

    1. Oh sorry, we linked it as "similar"! It’s not the exact same, the one we used is a designer trade item 🙂

  11. Hi! Love how this space turned out. It’s beautiful. I would love information on the flooring used if you’re willing to share.

  12. Wow – what a gorgeous space!! What size rug did you use in the living room?

  13. Wow – what a gorgeous space!! What size rug did you use in the living room?

  14. I love the Moonlight abstract art! Can you share the source of that piece since you carry it anymore? Thanks!

  15. Stunning work on this space!! Did you plan for one drapery panel between each french door or two panels between each door?

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