The Sunday 7: Food Network and The McGee & Co. Sale

Our project with Food Network and other exciting things going on this week! Xo-S

26 February 2018 -

1. Hello! Hello! This week was jam-packed with excitement. I’ve had to keep our project with Food Network secret for months and we were finally able to spill the beans! You can see the tour here. The experience was unlike any other project we’ve done. The kitchen is actually in the middle of a studio, so space constraints were not an issue. We learned that in order to allow space for camera equipment that all of our usual clearances had to be extra wide. The timeline was short, we were working with specific sponsors, and there were lots of different parties involved in the coordination. I was fascinated with how all the moving pieces were brought together. I went out for filming on two separate occasions. I had never spoken from a teleprompter before (or “performed” for more than a few people on our team), so that was humbling to figure that out on the spot, ha! All in all, it was an experience of a lifetime and I still can’t believe that I’m on a commercial appearing on 2 networks during almost every program. Thanks so much for all your kind comments and support!

2. I wore these earrings for one part of filming and I wear them all the time. I love the mixed metals and that they are a statement without looking too fancy for every day.

3. You also probably need this watch.

4. Progress from our Minnesota project. It will be an extremely minimal and modern project for us and I love that it has pushed our team (me included). I was laughing with our client because I couldn’t help but sneak in a few patterned textiles, but we’ve exercised great restraint in the design which is definitely harder than it sounds! Here is a view of the master that overlooks the lake. Beams are up and looking good! The ceiling will be a mix of white wash and natural tones.

Studio McGee

We designed these doors and they turned out even better than I imagined. The original plan was to stain the interior doors black since our client loves a high contrast look, but once we were all on site everyone fell in love with the natural tone. I actually really like when things morph through the design process as we follow what “feels right”.

Studio McGee

5. We also got the photos back from the project we just installed in Calabasas! We’ll be doing the whole tour in phases with photos and videos, but for now….here’s a peek:

Studio McGee

My top is from here!

Studio McGee
Photos by Kate Osborne

Photos by Kate Osborne

5. A lot of the items you see above are part of our first ever Buy More, Save More sale right now! It ends tomorrow, so don’t miss out! Also, if you haven’t visited us in awhile, McGee & Co. just got a whole new look!

7. Our oldest daughter will be turning 5 this week. She asked to get her ears pierced. And we’re touring kindergartens for next year. And she “styled” the shelves in her play kitchen today instead of throwing everything on the floor. How did this even happen?! I’m a wreck over here.

Have a beautiful week and savor all the good moments! Xo-S

Date Posted
26 February 2018