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21 February 2018 -

Travis Richardson of Travis J Photography is no stranger to this blog. He’s responsible for the photos of our Modern Mountain Home, Promontory Project, Vineyard Parade Home, and more. We sell his photography prints at McGee & Co., so we thought we’d spotlight the artist behind these beautiful shots.

Where are you from and how long have you been taking pictures? What inspired you to start?

I am born and raised in Utah. Its diverse landscape has kept me happy here. I have had an interest in photography since High School. I took many classes through high school and college but didn’t think of it as being my career. I really enjoyed telling a story about the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen. I kept shooting after college, but it wasn’t more than just a fun hobby. When my wife and I started to have children, I decided it was a good enough excuse to start investing more money into my camera equipment and also a good excuse to start sharing more of my images with others.  Naturally, people saw my pictures and started asking me to take pictures of their kids and families. I continued doing that for close friends and family. As my skills continued to improve I decided to venture out and try new things. I began shooting weddings, and commercial headshots. My landscapes were still just something I did on the side for my own benefit. When I began to photograph homes, that’s when I realized I should also be sharing my landscapes with others for their homes.


What are your favorite subjects to photograph? What’s your favorite shot to date?

I still enjoy photographing my family and our many adventures. Its what got me started and its what keeps me motivated to keep shooting to this day. Shooting our travels gets us outdoors, it provides us with these great landscape images, and of course great memories along the way. 

I’d have to say, one of my all-time favorite images is a beautiful image from Lake Powell. Lake Powell is in Southern Utah and Arizona and is one of our families favorite places to travel. We go there at least once every year and we have such a great time. The location is very unique and brings back years of great memories. 


What inspires you?

This may sound very obvious, but the times I feel most inspired is when I am in new locations or meeting new people. New places and/or cultures make everything seem exciting and beautiful. I also love to travel with people to the places they love. I get to see things from other perspectives and points of view.  I’m probably really annoying to travel with, though, because I’m always wanting to stop and explore little places and spend tons of time there. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?

The best advice I can give is the same advice I give to myself: Shoot often and try new things. If you find something you love, explore it and become an expert on it, but don’t be afraid to try new things. Maybe that new thing will become your new favorite thing. 

Roam in the Parade Home

Roam in the Parade Home

Glacier  in the Riverbottoms Remodel

Glacier in the Riverbottoms Remodel

Date Posted
21 February 2018