Calabasas Remodel Home Tour
12/26 Room Inspiration

Calabasas Remodel Home Tour

We’re revisiting one of our favorite projects from the year in a new video tour!

Before we go into the new year we thought we’d revisit some of our biggest projects from 2018. Today we’re starting with the Calabasas Remodel. Yes, we did webisodes and photo tours for this project already, but our new home video tours show all the spaces together at once! Stay tuned as we highlight more projects this week!


Our clients wanted a home with white walls and bright aesthetic for sunny California. They loved the idea of contrast, so we used dark hardwood floors to bring depth. We carried blue as an accent throughout the home. Keep your eye for that!


We tackled the layout in the space. One of the biggest changes was the plumping. We switched out the old faucet for a new one complimented with an arch. We also added a pot filler below the range, which is a beautiful and luxurious feature for your kitchen. You’ll also see the dark hardwood and blue that we carried through the home!


The master suite needed to be cool and laid-back, to encourage relaxation. We incorporated mixed textiles, natural textures, and a cool color palette. One of our tips for keeping things exciting is choosing patterns that work together, but don’t look the same.

The number one request in this bathroom was blue and patterned tile, so we went with a blue patterned tile! It serves as a jumping off point for the rest of the space. We toned it down with wood elements and white tile. The space is complete with a luxurious tub.

We really committed to blue in the office. Beautiful french doors closing the space in gave us the opportunity to go bold and paint the walls dark blue. (Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore)


Our clients spend most of their time here, so it needed to be bright and inviting. We knew it’d be full of guests, as it is connected to the kitchen and dining room.


Designing rooms for kids is so different. It’s an opportunity to have fun with the design by using colors, patterns, and playful decor. We love an opportunity to not play it safe! Our clients requested wallpaper and we were so excited about it.

Color and pattern make for a playroom that inspires creativity.


This space off of the home could have acted as a pool house, office, or guest space. We made it a guest bedroom. It’s complete with a private stairway and an entrance to a courtyard that leads to the main house. We wanted to greet all who enter with a calm color palette of white, neutrals, and blues.



See how guests near the front of the home were greeted, as well as the hang out area in the back area.



The casita has this casual lounge area, a space to just hang out.

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Studio McGee
  1. What a fantastic way to view the entire project and webisodes! Your team is amazing. Can’t wait to see what you do in 2019. Happy New Year!

  2. I am in love with the color scheme of this home! Blue is throughout the home bringing that California and coastal feel but not on your face. Tile is beautifully complemented and toned down with the wood and whites. And that gorgeous tub! May I ask what is the manufacturer of the tub? Thank you.

  3. I know the sectional is custom in the family room, but where is it custom made from? McGee and Co. or elsewhere? Would love to do something similar, if not the same, in our new home. Thanks!

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