The Best of 2018

We can’t forget all the wonderful things that happened this year!

18 December 2018 -

As the year comes to a close, it’s so exciting to look at everything that happened in the office and beyond. Here are some of our favorite memories and milestones from 2018.


How can we forget one of our biggest milestones ever? Our storefront in Costa Mesa is so important to us. We announced it on instagram live at the start of the year, and now we’re merchandising Christmas decor in the space. It’s too crazy. Learn more about it in the webisode, store tour, and see how we celebrated with a party!

WE launched BED & BATH


We celebrated the launch of our bedding collection with a tutorial on how to make your bed. There’s three different ways we feature, so there’s sure to be inspiration for all.


We Designed a Fantasy Kitchen™

We were so honored to be chosen as the Designer for Food Network’s Fantasy Kitchen™!! (Contest closed) We took you on a tour and behind the scenes.


We wanted to do a kitchen that was transitional and approachable––something that feels relative to every style. The two words that come to mind when we think of our design work is “warm and modern,” so we took that direction for this kitchen!


WE participated in a second parade home

We were so excited to participate in the Park City Showcase with a local builder, Killowen Construction to create this beautiful home in Red Ledges, Utah. It’s located right outside the quaint town of Heber and surrounded by a beautiful, big mountain setting. Get caught up with the posts here, and webisodes here.


WE launched our second catalogue

Our Red Ledges Project also hosted our second catalogue photo shoot! This was our second year creating a winter holiday catalogue and it turned out so beautiful. It included holiday decor, winter traditions, and even a delicious recipe. You can enjoy the digital version here!


We took part in the Real Simple Home

Real Simple created their first ever Dream Home, and enlisted designers to take part. We were so honored to work alongside a talented team made up of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, Donna Garlough, Neat Method, Robin Henry Studio, Sabrina Soto, Jessica McCarthy, Ariel Okin, Stephanie Sisco and Jenny Komenda in this project! We designed the Master Suite with a bathroom overlooking Brooklyn. You can see the photo tour and design boards here.


McGee & Co. hit 200,000 followers on instagram

In less than two years we’re pretty excited that McGee & Co.’s instagram hit 200,00 followers! It’s been great to have a page where we can exclusively post product, how to style, and most importantly, how you guys style it!

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Studio McGee hit 700,000 followers, and then 800,000 followers

This year we celebrated two milestones on the Studio McGee instagram!!! Make sure to follow us for all things design related, and a behind the scenes look at what our team and Shea are up to. Shea also shares her fashion picks on stories a lot!

Our Most Popular Posts


Our YouTube Channel hit 100,000 subscribers

Okay, we just celebrated this milestone on the blog but it can’t go unmentioned on this post! We have a blast with this channel, and we’re so grateful to all who watch, comment, and subscribe. Another project we started in 2018 was our Two-Day Transformation series. Our first episode with Jenna Rammell happens to be our most watched video of 2018!

Date Posted
18 December 2018