Essentials for a Modern Mountain Kitchen
12/19 Design Tips

Essentials for a Modern Mountain Kitchen

Check out our recipe for a beautiful modern mountain kitchen!!

The winter always inspires us to reflect on our past mountain projects. From the Red Ledges Project, to the Modern Mountain Home , Promontory Project and the Park City Canyons Remodel! We thought we’d pull out the common elements in each kitchen, to show you the essentials that you need for your modern mountain kitchen. Whether it’s a real kitchen or just in your dreams!


The Right Pendant or Lantern

Light up the space, literally. The lighting definitely sets a mood for the rest of the kitchen so be mindful of the pendant or lantern. We always choose one that has a modern shape or rustic elements.


Rustic Stools


A Muted Rug or Runner


A runner or rug will set the color tone for the space. So we like to go with one that has muted, natural feeling tones when we’re designing with mountain in mind.

Design by  Park & Oak Design

Vintage Inspired Art


Vintage (or vintage-inspired art) is bold and rich with colors that feel textured and full of life. Landscapes and elements of nature are preferred, as a nod to the mountain home.

Design by  I Spy DIY

Design by I Spy DIY


Natural Wood Elements

From beams, range hoods, and cabinetry to kitchen accessories, utensils and decor, we love to use as much natural wood as possible. Each of these spaces is full of beautiful wood elements that keep the space feeling warm.

Design by  Magnolia

Design by Magnolia