Modern Lake House: Living Room Tour
11/05 Living

Modern Lake House: Living Room Tour

Tour the living room of our Modern Lake House!!

We’re back with our beautiful Modern Lake House. We took you through the dining and entry in a webisode and photo tour, and today we’re showing you the living room. This home was designed with many custom pieces that are exclusive to the space. We can’t share all the sources, but trust us—we share and give as much as we can!

The space is illuminated by natural light flooding in, and it’s impossible to ignore the wooden beams on the ceiling and natural stone that carries up and over the fireplace.


This floor plan is one we’d use in any house (space permitting) — a long sofa, a love seat opposite of a set of chairs, and stools layered in. There is balance without being matchy-matchy, plus it’s good for conversation and hosting!


One statement to note is the asymmetrical window frames. They provide a really interesting pattern and visual impact in the space.


To achieve a streamlined look, we kept the furniture profiles minimal and mixed scale and pattern for visual interest. The goal of the space was to keep the color palette minimal with black, modern, and neutral with some blue throughout. Having a tight color palette makes paying attention to shapes and textures all that more important.



This coffee table was an ideal choice in the space with its asymmetrical and geometrical shaping. It’s crafted of dense walnut, with wood that was specifically chosen to keep natural roots in its beautifully uncommon form.



A modern floor lamp with structure and shape doesn’t disrupt the flow of the home and the adjustable arm is convenient for all use.


To balance out the massive stone fireplace, we needed something substantial. Rather than built-ins, we opted for a warm wooden unit. We layered in a basket on the top, chairs to the sides with stacked artwork. It’s those little details that elevate the space to feel intentional. You’ll notice that we carried leather throughout the home, just like we’ll do with a color or texture.


You might be wondering if that’s a tv or a piece of art on the fireplace. It’s both! It’s a frame tv. A geometric piece of art is good for a modern, streamlined space. We try to always consider balance and scale. If you have a heavy fireplace, having another piece that’s substantial helps ground the space. Artwork or a television can achieve that.


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Studio McGee
  1. Your design is exquisite! I love the stone used throughout this home and on the fireplace. Can you tell me if it is real or composite ….. and the manufacturer and name of stone?
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  2. Love this stone on the fireplace. Can you tell me the type or manufacturer of the stone? Thank you!

  3. Can you tell me where you got these beautiful windows? I’m doing a major renovation and am hoping to achieve something very similar. Thanks!

  4. Are the walls and the baseboard trim both Simply White by Benjamin Moore? Did you use flat or matte or both?

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