From House to Home with Our Customer Experience Team

Our Customer Service knows a thing or two about making things cozy!!

21 November 2018 -

Our Customer Experience Team is the best. From making suggestions and recommendations to customers, to answering product related questions they’ve learned a thing or two about making your house feel like a home. Get inspired and get to know our team!



What’s the #1 product from McGee & Co. that’s on your wishlist?

The Brit Sideboard! It’s gorgeous AND functional.

You’re attending a Thanksgiving and want to treat the host to something. What do you gift them?

Our Reclaimed Wood Bread Boards for serving or for display!


What’s your tip for shopping Black Friday?

Shop smart and always reach out to the Customer Experience team for questions!

What’s your favorite recipe to make and share during holidays?

Potatoes in any form.

Tip for making your house feel like a home in these cold months?

Bring nature in with an abundance of real plants and a real Christmas tree! This will improve your air, brighten up your space, and fill your home with the perfect holiday scent!

Feeling lazy? Try a faux potted plant, or one of our winter candles! They’re all beautiful (and easy to maintain!)


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Tell us about your wishlist.

My current obsession is cozy rugs and pillows! With winter right around the corner I am looking for anything that will help my home feel warm and cozy. I am head over heels for the Grenoble hand Knotted Rug!

Best gift to give during the holidays?

The Marea Woven Trays! They are so versatile and can be used in almost any part of the home!

What have you learned about working Black Friday? What’s a tip for shopping?

I think you should splurge on Black Friday! It only comes once a year and you won’t get a better deal than now!

What’s a recipe you make again and again during the holidays?

Every Christmas Eve my family has soup in one form or another! One of my all time favorites has to be Beef Stew! Try this recipe! It’s simple but absolutely delicious!

How can you make your home feel warm and inviting for the holidays?

Making your home smell good! I would recommend purchasing a wreath or a few pine boughs! They look gorgeous on a mantle with a few candles! Or you can arrange them on a table with a bowl full of oranges! It smells amazing and looks incredible too!




The #1 product from McGee and Co on your wishlist:

The Lewis Coffee Table! Focus is always centered around the coffee table during the holidays as we display hors d’oeuvres and drinks carefully around the table for everyone to share stories and gather. 



What would you gift to a host?

For those that are heading over to a hosted Thanksgiving, give the host something to unwind with after a long day of cooking. The Apothecary Bath Salts are perfect. Pair them Juniper and Geranium Soap + Lotion. Display the bath accessories elegantly inside of a basket!

How do you stay sane shopping for Black Friday?

Be sure to prioritize your shopping. List the items by order of importance. This will keep your “must haves” prioritized and at the top! 

Have a back-up plan. You may not find exactly the item you were hunting for with the number of people shopping. Be sure to have a replacement in your list in the event you cannot locate your item.

Share the shopping experience with friends and family. Make sure they know about the best sales going on!



Favorite recipe to make + share during holidays 

My mom’s favorite Rice Krispie Treats Recipe!!

You just moved into a new place! What are you doing to make it feel like home?

I firmly believe you can never have too many blankets, pillows, and rugs. Bring in all of the soft textures that will make your home the only place you want to spend time during those cold winter days. Nordic Sheep Skin is a giant sized sweater. Put it on a bench or the ground!!


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What gifts are you giving to your loved ones right now?

Books! We have so many cool ones right now. Each is beautiful on the outside, but all of them are super interesting too! I love gifting something people can throw on display while also having something to entertain guests.

What’s your #1 wish from the shop right now?

Definitely the Adler Floor Mirror! The warm wood is pretty and cozy, while the large size makes your space feel much larger than it is! There’s a pro tip for you.

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How are you shopping Black Friday?

I’m avoiding the mall!! Shopping from the comfort of your own home saves stress, and gives you more time to spend with loved ones.

Favorite Holiday Treat?

Pumpkin. Cream. Puffs. Try this recipe!!!

How are you making your space feel cozy?

Give me all the throws!!! I love how they bring beauty and texture to a space, and warmth when you need it. I’m loving all the neutrals we’re carrying because I can throw them in any space in the house.


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21 November 2018