Two-Day Transformation: Textured + Traditional Sitting Room Photo Tour

Tour the space of our most recent two-day transformation!

15 November 2018 -

We’re back with another two-day transformation.

These projects are the only projects we do as a complete surprise!! The process involves a meeting with clients to get sense of their style. Then they leave for 2 days, we take over, and they come home to all new room. It’s so fun. Watch the webisode now! You can also tour and watch the webisode for our first two-day transformation.

We are taking over our client’s entry and living spaces that open up to each other. We needed them to flow together. The homeowner Sarah built this house as our forever home, and they were having a hard time placing furniture. The most important part was rethinking the space plan, because our client wants to add a grand piano.

We had three entryways, two big openings and one small pocket door. Remember you can shop the looks at the end of the post!

We shifted furniture by rearranging the sofa, with two facing chairs and a dark coffee table on the rug to create a conversation area. Our Denton Chairs have a structural, contemporary build with arms that elevate the space.

The walls had beautiful trim work already, but we added dark grass cloth above to take things up a notch. It does a beautiful job of creating contrast without feeling overpowering in the space.

It’s easy to go too small in your rug. But in this case, our client started with a 9 x 12, and we decided to actually sized down with an 8 x 10 rug. This created zones and a pathway between the 2 large openings. The helsinki rug was a perfect choice. X-stools are the easiest way to create bonus seating without too much clutter, so we added a pair well.

We created vignettes to ensure the whole space was put to use. The architecture of the home is more traditional, so botanicals are the perfect choice. They are timeless but also add a little bit of color that isn’t too bright.

We love to have a bonus place to put a chair, even if the chair ends up hosting various coats, bags, etc.

In formal spaces, we usually add a hanging light fixture to dress things up. Because of the orientation of the furniture being pushed over, the light would either be centered on furniture but off centered on room or centered on room and feel weird in the space. Decided to not add anything, and focus on the accent lighting.

When you first walk in to the home, there’s this great spot in the entryway for a console moment. The console itself has a beautiful tone of wood that ties in with the floors, and works well with the color palette of grays, whites and golds. The round mirror with formal leaf details balances out the casual vibe of console.

Date Posted
15 November 2018