Does my Bathroom Need a Rug?
10/08 Bathrooms

Does my Bathroom Need a Rug?

A rug in the bathroom? See what we think.

When we went over our bathroom Q & A sessions with Shea, a couple of you asked about rugs in the bathroom! So we thought we’d show you our thought process behind the decision. Using a rug is a great way to bring visual and physical warmth to the space. Every bathroom is different, so here’s our advice.

at the vanity

If you have the space, we say go for it. But if it’s a kid’s bathroom and you have a stepping stool, skip it!


In a powder

The first instinct you might have with a small bathroom is to go small and minimal. But we suggest you do the opposite! Go big!!! You can cover a bathroom in wallpaper without committing to a large cost, try a dark paint color, or go big with your tile selection! For this reason we usually skip a rug in a small powder bathroom! Instead, opt for a patterned tile on the floor, a wallpaper, or a bold wall color!



Truth be told, we love to include a runner in a spacious master bathroom. They ground the space and make it feel even longer! It’s an easy way to bring pattern and vibrance to the space. The best part is knowing you can mix up the feel in your space by switching out different rugs! It’s nice to have something that guides the eye in a long space.


With that being said, a bathroom still feels clean and beautiful without one.


Bath rugs & mats

Yes, you need a bath mat!! You really can’t go wrong with one of these! They’re lightweight, smaller, and don’t make a big statement or impact on the design of the space. Most importantly, they’re incredibly functional.


At the tub

If you’re lucky enough to have a tub, especially a stand alone tub, a rug can definitely be an ideal addition for your space. The softness of the rug makes the space feel more spa-like, and it’s great to have something soft to walk on.

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  1. I love the look of a rug in the bathroom but how do you prevent mold and mildew from getting in the rug? I feel like a rug would take longer to dry if it gets wet in a bathroom that’s used regular. Love the look, just trying to understand functionality and practicality.

  2. I highly recommend Ruggable rugs! I have a toddler and dog so it’s great to be able to throw it in the washing machine. Same goes for the bathroom.

  3. Hey, amazing article. I loved the idea, I was wondering if you could tell me about the best material for the bathroom rug?
    Naina Kalra
    Author at <a href=““ > The Rugs Cafe </a>

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