Modern Lake House Webisode—Pt. 1

See the first spaces—entry, dining, living, kitchen, and kitchen nook—in our Modern Lake House!

30 October 2018 -

Our Modern Lake House is tucked away in the Midwest, surrounded by tall trees and a sprawling body of water with arms that branch and wind around the area. We couldn’t ask for a better setting for one of our largest projects.

Today we’re showcasing the first installment of the Modern Lake House with the entry, dining, living, kitchen, and kitchen nook. This home is full of custom pieces and with respect to full-service clients we can’t disclose all the sources, but throughout the webisodes and photo reveals we will share what we can, talk about the design process, and tips on how to apply the same principles in your own home.

A few tips from the video

  1. For a streamlined look with visual interest make it minimal, but sculptural. We did that in the styling and furniture choices, but also the lighting.

  2. Mix up your walls. We love doing a large scale art piece with stacked or multiple art pieces on an opposite or adjacent wall. Here, we hung two mirrors that added variety, but also reflected light.

  3. Think about balance and scale. If you have a heavy fireplace, having another piece that’s substantial helps balance it out.

  4. Layer with intention. A neutral space can feel inviting and complete with thoughtful shapes, textures, and levels.

  5. A great conversational layout — long sofa, love seat, two chairs, and stools for extra seating.

  6. Using woods and leather are great ways to naturally complement and warm up whites.

  7. Carry accents throughout — in this home, we worked in leather to all the open spaces.

  8. Light fixtures that fill space without visual weight are a must in a lot of designs!

Date Posted
30 October 2018