Friday Inspiration: Moving Day!

Feeling inspired by new changes and fresh spaces!!

26 October 2018 -

This Friday is our first day at our new studio!! We’re going to miss our old one, you can tour it here and here. We’re feeling inspired by fresh new spaces and starts. This week was a fun one! We released not one, but two webisodes! Watch Part One and Part Two of our Red Ledges Project!! We also gave a photo tour to go along with the second webisode. There are three beautiful bedrooms, bathrooms, a rec room, and a laundry room that you can’t miss.

If you’re interested in hanging out in our new offices yourself, you should know that we’re hiring. We’re looking for a customer service coordinator, office assistant, and more! If you’re in Southern California, come join our team at the storefront!! But you can see all the listings here.

Friday inspiration

That natural wood with the rich leather cushion has us in tears!

Design by  Sophie Dries

Design by Sophie Dries

If you’ve been caught up with our Red Ledges Tours, you know we’re all about the textured tile.

Photo by  Tiles of Ezra

Photo by Tiles of Ezra

Our Red Ledges Project is FULL of paneling as well! This space does it perfectly.

Design by  Nicolette Johnson

Design by Nicolette Johnson

The black doors and lively house plant drew us to this space, but those chairs are pretty amazing.

Design by  Park & Oak

Design by Park & Oak

We think it’s appropriate to end with this incredible bathroom. Paneling? Check. Stand alone tub? Yep. Tiled floor? Nailed it!

Design by  Kirsten Maltas

Design by Kirsten Maltas

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Date Posted
26 October 2018