The Sunday 7: Emerging Trends

Trends from market, a sale at Madewell, and my favorite mascara. Have a great Sunday! Xo-S

14 January 2018 -

1. Happy Sunday! I just got back from Atlanta Market and am still processing the visual overload. I love going to find beautiful things to use in our client projects and the shop, but it’s also fun to see the emerging trends. This market I saw 3 consistent things: 

– A color palette of warm whites, neutrals, burnt rose, deep greens, and browns.  We predicted that here and I was happy to see it in many of the showrooms:

2. I think we can thank Joanna Gaines for this one….there were cotton stems EVERYWHERE. I’m not sure I love the look year round but I think it’s cute for fall/winter decorating. 

Via Terrain

Via Terrain

– Most showrooms leaned a bit more rustic – even the “glam” brands incorporated quite a bit of natural wood into their offering.

2. We had a meeting with our architect this past week! We’re getting closer! You can see here we may be changing the pointed gable window to a flatter one and still need to work through the exact materials and details. I’m trying to decide if we do siding on the main house and painted brick on the garage or vice versa. The garage is the part that’s cut off to the left. We will be building a little attic studio space above it and are still working through the windows. 

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

3. Madewell is having a big sale! And if you’ve been following along for awhile, you know I love to shop there. Here is what’s in my cart:

4. These items aren’t in my cart because I already own them, but they’re 30% off now! The mules are SO COMFORTABLE. They were sold out for months, but they’re back!

5. I get lots of DMs about my skincare regimen. The irony is that I do not have naturally good skin. I get extractions once a month and am very strict about using a 7 step process every morning/night. I started getting bumps again on my face a few months ago and my esthetician recommended taking out all dairy, soy, and peanuts…and it worked. I’m kinda mad that it worked because now I have to stick to it! 

6. Speaking of beauty products, this is the ONLY mascara that doesn’t give me raccoon eyes. And I’ve tried a lot of them.

7. We’re taking the photo for our big announcement on Friday. I’m still trying to figure out what to wear, but the location is all set!

Cheers to a great week!


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14 January 2018