Rangeview Reno Pt.2: Kitchen + Bathrooms
01/08 Bathrooms

Rangeview Reno Pt.2: Kitchen + Bathrooms

We're back with Rangeview Reno Pt.2! Today we're touring the kitchen and bathrooms. 

We're back with our Rangeview Reno Pt. 2! We revealed the living room and today we're showing you the kitchen and bathrooms in the home. These clients were full-service with a lot of custom and designer trade products, so we can't share all the sources, but we'll tag all that we can at the bottom! And you can view the first part of the project here. Photography by Ashlee Raubach.

We balanced the sleek, cool tones in the lighting, barstools, appliances, and hardware with a warm wood on the lower cabinets. The kitchen has a streamlined, minimal aesthetic, so we love the clean, modern lines and geometric shape of the Gale Pendants (in size large).


You can use a catchall basket or tray anywhere and everywhere in the home. We used one here to hold cookbooks and recipes. We placed Sunday Suppers in front because its cover is so pretty, it deserves to be on display. The stormy blues of these canisters are so perfect for the natural feel we've created. 


Cutting boards are a must for every kitchen and our rule of thumb is to pick out ones that are so pretty you can rest them against your backdrop as a display when not in use. We used a classic rectangle french cutting board in back layered with a more decorative round marble board in front. 


Our Artifact Bowl is unique, rustic, and makes a statement whether it's filled with fresh product or displayed alone. We love filling it with bright citrus to create natural contrast.  


Every island can use something fresh! Most of the time, we use it as an opportunity to display a vase of fresh greenery. Here, we used a clear jar to hold beautiful branches and added warmth to the sleek marble island with a cutting board. 


When your kitchen decor airs on the simple side, every piece counts as decor. We like to use chic soap and lotion duos that have both form and function. (And a wonderful scent!) 


We let the wallpaper do all the talking here and keep things clean. The silver sconce plays with the cool tones on the wall, while the textured gold mirror provides dimension and contrast. You can't forget the pretty soap either! 


A potted fern really brought life to this neutral space. The greige vase fits with the color scheme here perfectly, as well as our white canisters with cool rope handles. They are so handy for storing your bathroom necessities without clutter!



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Studio McGee
  1. Please tell me about the wallpaper… is it Eskayel? Also, are floors white oak? Is finish Rubio Monocoat? Is so, which color? Thank you,,, gorgeous as always! About to order a daybed and some chairs from y’all!

    1. Thank you so much, Hillarie! We’re so glad you like it. Unfortunately, we were only able to share a few sources with this full-service client and that is one we can’t. Thanks!

  2. Love love love the kitchen floors! Are you able to share the vendor and color? If not, what would you recommend to achieve a similar look? Thanks in advance for the info!

  3. Hi! Can I ask a question about mixing metals? I noticed the prominent color was chrome, but you added some gold in one bathroom, and matte black in another. Is that the best way to choose metals in a home, have the same prominent color in the kitchen snd baths, but you can mix in other colors? Or is it ok to completely change the colors from the kitchen to the baths? Or if it is two levels, can you do one metal downstairs, and a completely different metal upstairs? Thanks in advance, I’m struggling here because I’m doing matte black in kitchen, but don’t necessarily want that in all of the bathrooms.

    1. Hi Jeannette,

      Shea, wrote these blog posts earlier that may help with your questions. I know they helped me when remodeling.



      Also, I have mixed metals on different floors and in different rooms and while I kept a cohesive style, mixing it up created interest and I would recommend doing the same.

      Have fun.

    1. Thank you so much, Andrea! Unfortunately, this was a full-service client so we were only able to share all the information included in the post. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful bathroom! Is there any way you could share the powder room faucet source? I’ve searched and searched but cannot find it. Thank you!

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