We’re Opening a McGee & Co. Store in Orange County!!!

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24 January 2018 -

Yep, we’re opening a McGee & Co. storefront!

About a year ago we were in Costa Mesa and Syd was shopping at his favorite shop, Almond Surfboards. I wandered across the street to a shop with an adorable storefront, Heritage Mercantile. After shopping and chatting with the owner we followed each other on Instagram. 

A couple of weeks ago the owner reached out to me on Instagram to let me know she was going to sell the space, but before putting it on the market she wanted to offer it to us. The opportunity was not on our radar, but it was just too good to pass up!! Since I was in middle school, I’ve dreamed about opening a brick-and-mortar store—and I can’t believe it’s happening!

It’s funny, in our first webisode we talk about “taking a big risk” and moving from California to Utah. We’re laughing because now we’re taking a big risk by going back to California to open a store!

What’s the next step? Well, we just got the keys on Friday, planted some trees, did some measuring, and took some pictures. We’re putting in some new floors, paneling, and new light fixtures. The shop is tiny so we’re filling it was takeaway decor like accessories and pillows. We’re going to have a lot of cool one of a kind, vintage items available for purchase. The store is set to open in Spring, and it’s located at 1720 Santa Ana Ave. 

We’re currently looking for a full-time manager, so keep your eye out for a job posting this week! 









Date Posted
24 January 2018