The Sunday 7: Dark Florals and Thoughts on Trends

My thoughts on trends and how to push yourself creatively. Xo-S

21 January 2018 -

1. This week we had quite a few big things happen around here! I was on a local morning show talking about work/life and texture in the home…you’ll also get a glimpse of the new bedding we’re launching soon! You can watch the full segment here.

Studio McGee

2. We launched a TON of new arrivals. I obviously love them all, but here are a few I’m EXTRA excited about:

3. I’ve been drawn to dark florals lately. I saved this pic on Pinterest and the color palette is just so pretty! I keep buying dark floral clothing too. I think it’s a great winter to spring transition.

4. 20% off all full price clothing at Anthro right now. Here is what’s in my cart (plus a few more things I debated about):

5. Have you been watching Restored with the Fords? I think Leanne’s style is a refreshing addition to what’s currently on HGTV!

6. With a new year and all the talk about trends and what is in/out, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I stand through all of it. This is where I stand…


Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t love for the sake of being current. Pushing yourself creatively is very different than pushing yourself to do something you don’t actually like! I also think that those in/out lists can make us feel bad. The reality is that we can make many things feel current with the right design perspective. And if we follow every trend, we’ll be tired of our house by the time the next list comes out. Choose wisely where to push your design forward and where to pull back to the classics.

So let’s talk about pushing yourself creatively. For me, this is all about the details. Shaker cabinets might be everywhere, but if you do them in a way that hasn’t been seen before (think hardware, layout, materials they’re paired with, etc.) that’s where the magic happens! As my role in Studio McGee has shifted from actually doing the legwork of the design projects to overseeing all creative, my job is to make the magic and the details are where I see it happen.

7. Cheers to a creative and productive week!


Date Posted
21 January 2018