Webisode + Reveal: Riverbottom Master Closet & Laundry Room
01/23 Room Inspiration

Webisode + Reveal: Riverbottom Master Closet & Laundry Room

We're showing you the dreamiest master closet + laundry room! 

We’re remodeling a beautiful home that needed a little updating. When our client first came to us, they told us they wanted a closet with a laundry room in it. That sounded absolutely dreamy to us! We don’t get to do a space like this very often, so it was fun to create one for our client. See more of the Riverbottoms Remodel by checking out the Living Room, Kitchen + Dining, Mudroom, Entryway, and Laundry Room!
Originally this space had a standard walk-in closet, but we took down two walls to create a large and spacious room. Our client has a modern style, but the home and neighborhood are quite traditional. The goal was to blend the styles together. Our client's must-haves were a washer and dryer, a vanity in the closet, and an island to fold clothes and display jewelry and accessories when getting ready. We topped the island with a thick marble lookalike and decided to do a shaker detail that surrounds each drawer. This creates clean modern lines that don't take away from its classic look. We painted the vanity in Dark Pewter by Benjamin Moore, a color described as a staple for modern and traditional spaces.
The Caged Lantern has that modern feel the client wanted, and a structured shape that keeps it classic. We filled a gray faceted vase with branches that not only brings dimension and life to the simple space, but happens to go with the color scheme perfectly.
Small spaces are the perfect place to make a statement. You’ll never be taken back buy how grand it is, so we like do things that will stand out. This can be bold paint colors, wallpapers, or carpet. In this case, we did this with the green island and the plaid carpet. When doing wall to wall carpet we usually choose something low-pile, and neutral so it’s not overwhelming. But a contained area allows you to go bigger!
We love products by The Laundress because they work and smell beautiful, while also having pretty packaging you'll actually want to display. Here we used the Stain Solution, Fabric Fresh, and Signature Detergent. We used the Elderflower Diffuser Kit because the scent is a refreshing mix of masculine and feminine, perfect for a neutral space like this.


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Studio McGee
  1. So so gorgeous!!! Love the colors. Warm but also still light and airy. Is this the main laundry room in the home or a secondary one?

  2. Oh my God, I want this kitchen! Wait. What? Laundry?
    That island belongs in my house. 🙂
    Such a beautiful room.
    I would do laundry all day, tra la la.

      1. For the same reason you have to comment on my comment. While the space is beautiful, I think the green is a bit dated or will be within a year. I love Studio McGee, but it doesn’t been everything is perfection. I don’t view this criticism as being nasty, if anything is constructive.

  3. I absolutely love this space! The cabinet detail and the carpet are ah-mazing!!! Can you please share the details on the carpet.

  4. A practical and beautiful re-arrangement of the space. The lady of the house must be thrilled to bits!
    In our home we also have a laundry room right next to the dressing room – but with a semi-glazed door between the two. It’s so easy to do the laundry adjacent to where the clothes are stored. These kinds of home engine rooms are so important and can be achieved in smaller spaces too if well planned.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of this home with the MCGEE Magic Touch! Your webisodes are lovely to watch!


  5. Love this, so ingenious! I would add a wooden rod to hang clothes in the white blank space by the laundry and to tie in to the wood from the main closet, but this is still perfection!

  6. When the preview of this project was first shown I thought for sure that floor was a patterned tile!! lol. I actually love it even more now that I knows it carpet. And those cabinets are so gorgeous!! Dark Green seems to be a color that goes with every room you guys do! 😀 Can’t wait for more reveals from this home!

  7. Simply gorgeous and so functional! I might actually do the laundry if I had a room like this instead of letting it pile up until I have nothing left to wear..

    Can you tell us where the built-ins are from? And what kind of wood/finish is on them?

  8. Hi! I love your style. Do you think you’ll get into cabinet hardware? On that note, can you share what you used?

  9. I looked on stark carpeting for this carpet because I love it so much, but I can’t find it. Do you have the name of it so I can search for it on their website.
    Thanks you love love love this closet.

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