Hallway Runners: Yes or No?
09/19 Design Tips

Hallway Runners: Yes or No?

Should you put a runner in your hallway? 

One of the questions we get the most is, "Does my hallway need a runner? Keep it simple or dress it up?" Using a rug or runner can be the easiest way to add character to your home. They bring color, pattern, and create a comfy, cozy feeling on hardwood flooring. They also protect your floors from wear and tear and we all know the hallway receives plenty of traffic.

But a hallway feels grand, open and clean without a runner. This is convenient when a hallway is smaller and more compact. Sometimes you have to let the wall decor do the talking. Our final verdict? Depends on the home. Here are some of our favorite hallways, take a look and see what you think about runners.


Design by Studio Oink


Design by Kate Marker Interiors


Design by Cameron Custom Homes


Design by Designstiles


From our Modern Mountain Home


Design by Tracy Hardenburg


Design by Katherine Carter

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Studio McGee
  1. I think it depends on the hallway – ours is long and window-less (tons of doors though!), I love our wood floors but now that I’m thinking about it, could be nice to warm up the space, add color and soft texture. Of course, I won’t do a thing until the master bedroom and bathroom are finished, as there’s a construction dust-walkway from those rooms aaaaalllll the way down the hallway right out the front door. Hmf.

  2. Beautiful entries and hallways! I know this is about runners, but I love the pictures displayed in the various ways in the hallways. We have pictures, art and mirrors we need hung in our new home. Is there a company or framer you could recommend who will hang art and pictures, etc.? We live in the Salt Lake area.

  3. I love the look of a runner, but I know my cleaning style and I would rather just clean the wood floor surface than deal with the rug. I’ll just admire from afar.

  4. Vintage Runners are absolutely stunning! <3 Especially that pink and orange one 🙂 But I agree, its gotta be the right house. We use to have a vintage runner in the main hall and the cats would always play with it and roll around on it thinking it was there own personal little play thing. lol

  5. Agreed, depends on hallway in question. Feels like a runner would unsettle the flow of the beautiful herringbone floor but works well in a traditional linear planked hallway( provided the hallway itself is less busy in the doorway & window department). I think the real star of the images is the patterned bench in the Cameron Custom Homes shot; it addresses the same aesthetic needs that a runner would normally fill – adds texture, pattern, colour interest and draws the eye along the hallway Love love love it. I live in a small apartment with open plan kitchen, dining, living and have been lamenting my inability to use many of the style points used in the big beautiful SMG projects. Thrilled with the patterned bench discovery, it will be my no hallway runner consolation prize 🙂 Really enjoy these blog posts. Thank you.

  6. I’m wondering about your thoughts on using a runner on a hallway for staging when you’re selling your house. We’re going to be putting our house on the market in the future and even though it’d make our plain hallway look nice, I don’t want anyone thinking we’re trying to hide something.

  7. Question – I notice the flooring wood planks all run vertically in the pictures above which I love. I was told by our flooring installer that ours would have to run horizontal. Have you ever met with this challenge before? Appreciate any tips.

  8. Any tips on sizing a runner? I found your rug sizing article so incredibly useful – thank you!!!

  9. I still cannot decide! I do agree that a hallway runner makes a space feel more lived-in, and less like a museum.

  10. I thought I had to have a runner in my entryway. My style is contemporary and I’ve struggled to find something. After reading your article, though, I realize that I don’t need a rug after all. The empty flooring in your photos is gorgeous. Thank you so much! This has been a big design struggle for me. No rug for me. 🙂

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