Classic Trend Appreciation: Stained Cabinetry
10/04 Design Tips

Classic Trend Appreciation: Stained Cabinetry

Sometimes we need a minute to appreciate the classics. Today we're talking stained cabinetry!

Stained cabinetry is a classic trend you'll probably see in kitchens forever. We may not use it in a lot of our projects, but that doesn't mean we don't love to see it! We love how they bring texture and natural warmth to a space. 

Here are some of our favorites. 


Design by Simo Design

Design by Jennifer Worts


Design by Vintage Whites Blog


Design by Katie Ridder


Design by Luxe


Photo by Idha Lindhag


Design by Denton Developers

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Studio McGee
  1. Just finished designing the kitchen for our new house, which is why this caught my eye! It was hard deciding which direction to take it, but ultimately I kept coming back to a painted kitchen with a wood island. I just love that look, and like you said it’s a classic element. Anyway It’s always nice to have a brand with a lovely aesthetic echo your own thoughts!

    1. I have three kids and assure you stained cabinets hide so much dirt and damage. I’d love white cabinets but not until my kiddos are done spilling everything imaginable down the front of our island! Also, did you know if you get a knick in a stained wood piece you can literally use a brown marker to quickly fill it in? Furniture movers taught me that trick.

  2. I love the look of an all white kitchen like most of the ones you design. My husband does not unfortunately. Maybe adding some of these elements would help with a compromise. I’m just curious why as you mentioned you don’t use it in a lot of your projects?

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