The Sunday 7: Lots of Traveling and Home Inspiration

My weekly Sunday 7 post! Including my traveling schedule and a few fall favorites. Xo -S.

01 October 2017 -

Did you notice that our site has a whole new look?!!! I’m ecstatic about the update and I hope you love it too! Xo-S

1. I’m currently writing this as I fly to Canada to give the keynote talk at Blogpodium! What a week this has been. Earlier, I flew into Austin, TX with one of our designers to meet with a client that is building a beautiful stone farmhouse and barn outside of the city. They have a very unique style that I am beside myself excited to help bring to life. The plan is Texas meets Anthropologie meets Studio McGee. Vintage pieces are going to be incorporated into both the furniture and finishes of the home (think antique work tables as islands, vintage lockers, and a pretty found mantel for a fireplace). I can’t wait to share more from our experience and a guide to our favorite spots next week.

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

2. Speaking of the stone house we’re designing, I feel like we’re going to see stone incorporated into exterior design more and more. For awhile it seemed like all the new stone houses being built were very French Country, but I think we’ll be seeing it in more farmhouse or Georgian styles.

Design by Gil Schafer via Architectural Digest photo by Eric Piasecki

Design by Gil Schafer via Architectural Digest photo by Eric Piasecki

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

3. We also prepared for new arrivals to launch on McGee & Co. soon…here is a tiny peek, but there is a LOT more coming!

McGee & Co. New Arrivals

4. I’m obsessed with those button-up jeansblazer, and shoes (which are on sale right now)!

5. Also, is this not the prettiest camera bag you’ve ever seen?  The leather is beautiful and if you’re not traveling with tons of equipment it could easily double as a purse.

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

6. Tomorrow is the last day of our 25% off sale on SM Pillows!

7. I’ve got a lot of work travel coming up over the next couple of months and I have a true love/hate relationship with it. I love that we have all of these cool opportunities, but I also really miss my family during these times. I’m looking forward to finishing November strong and then taking some much needed time at home to just be there – I want to be splashed at bath time, for Syd to tease me about my lack of tech knowledge, and to have tiny peanut butter fingerprints on my shirt.

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01 October 2017