Our Favorite Alternatives to Traditional Subway Tile
09/18 Design Tips

Our Favorite Alternatives to Traditional Subway Tile

Traditional subway tile is everywhere, see our favorite alternatives!

It's safe to say that subway tile has been having a huge moment for years. We see it everywhere, clients request it all the time, and we totally get why! Subway tile is a classic, easy choice for making your space look clean and updated. We love it too, but since we've been seeing it everywhere we've found ourselves drawn to other options that give you that classic look, but in a fresh way.


White ceramic tiles with a beveled edge add a bit more dimension to the standard subway tile look.

Beveled Subway Tile 1.jpg

From our Evergreen Kitchen Remodel

Beveled Subway Tile 2.jpg

Design by Femme.is

Beveled Square (1).jpg

From our Windsong Project


Glazed brick tiles or an actual brick will add texture to your space.

Glazed Brick 1.jpg

Design by Alexandra Rowley Glazed Brick 3.jpg

Design by Amber Interiors

Glazed Brick_.jpg

Design by The Future Kept

Brick Backsplash (1).jpg

Design by Jen Langston Interiors

Square Subway Tile

Admittedly, this one is barely an "alternative" to subway tile, but switching up the shape from rectangular to square just feels more unique.

6x6 Square Subway Tile.jpeg

From our Denver Tudor Reveal

Square Subway Tile 6.jpeg

From our Promontory Project

Square Subway Tile 5.jpg

From our Modern Mountain Home


We love the look of a longer, skinnier subway tile laid in a herringbone pattern! We also love just the opposite - a small, white herringbone mosaic.

Herringbone Backsplash.jpg

Design by Hunted Interior

Herringbone Backsplash 2.jpg

From our Pacific Palisades Project

Herringbone 1.jpg

Design by Desire to Inspire


From our Promontory Project


Give your space a more luxe feel by using a marble tile in the same shape/size as subway tile.

From our Emerson Project

From our Windsong Project


Design by Vaughn Miller


Design by Square Footage Kitchens

Try a Handformed Tile

If you love subway tile but want something slightly more dramatic, handformed subway tile is a great choice. It has texture and movement and the light bounces off of it so beautifully.

Handformed 3.jpg

From our Mountainside Remodel


Design by Johnny Andersson

Tim_ORC_KItchen2576WEB2 2.jpg

Design by Tim Lam


Whether it's a hexagon, scalloped edge, or rhomboid, you cant go wrong with a classic white tile in a fun shape.


Design by Caitlin Wilson


Photo from Academy Tiles

Hexagon Tile 2.jpg

Design by Kirsten Marie Inc.


Design by Hart Builders

Go Dark

If you are down with some drama, a dark subway tile can look really awesome in the right space. Black, navy, dark green, charcoal... the options are endless and we love them all!


From our Parade Home


Design by Coats Home

Go Dark 4.jpeg

From our Park City Canyons Remodel

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Studio McGee
  1. I loooove herringbone! It looks so neat & classy to me. I’m completely drawn to it. Do you think it will go out of style like chevron tho? Or will it stay strong for a while …?

  2. We saw a lot of the white square tile while living in Germany, and I see it in photos of English bathrooms and kitchens. I’m glad it’s growing in favor over here.

  3. Many beautiful tiles in here, thank you for this resource. I notice you didn’t give sources for all of the tiles, however. Could you please provide a source for the tiles used in the Evergreen Kitchen Remodel? I don’t think they are the ones from Mission Stone & Tile. Thank you.

  4. Could you please tell me where you got the small square white tiles for the backsplash of the Windsor home? I’m looking everywhere, but not finding anything as cute!

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