Vintage Pieces We Can’t Live Without

See our favorite vintage pieces and how we style them! 

30 August 2017 -

Vintage items always help to break out of the monotony and add character to elevate style. Mixing in vintage with new pieces creates a “found”, eclectic feeling that is both personal and beautiful. They’re warm, imperfect, and full of character. Whether you’re buying found pieces from a store or you’re collecting them at estate sales, it’s always fun to think of the individual story behind each vintage find.


From the Midway House


From our post on How To Style Your Bookshelves


From our Denver Tudor Project


From our U-Street Project


From our Promontory Project

We also love to use Vintage Art in our projects, and showed you how we do it and where we source it in this post!


From our Park City Canyons Remodel


From the Windsong Project


From the Mountainside Remodel Project

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Date Posted
30 August 2017