Evergreen Kitchen Remodel Webisode
08/23 Kitchens

Evergreen Kitchen Remodel Webisode

Watch as this 90's kitchen gets a refresh that's soft and neutral!

We're back with an exciting webisode today! The transformation from the before to the after is so dramatic ā€” from the look and feel, to even the flow!  We are so happy with how it turned out and excited to share it. Our client wanted a traditional look that wasn't all white, but still felt bright and airy. We partnered with Kohler to create this soft neutral look.


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Studio McGee
  1. Love this!!! My kitchen is this same color and has the same layout and cabinetry. Any tips on how to make your kitchen look taller/bigger? Would hanging pendants over an island help? Would love a video on how to make a decent kitchen look even better!

    Teresa K.

  2. This kitchen remodel looks absolutely stunning. You guys nailed it with the cabinet paint color and the brass hardware. Absolutely love the overall layout and feel of the entire space. Awesome Job!

  3. oh wow! another AMAZING job!! I love the cabinet colour. Would you be willing to share the brass hardware? I love how the knobs, cup pulls and long appliance pulls all work together.

  4. So beautiful!! Love everything about this kitchen remodel! I also love the greenery you add to every space you design. Are the ones you added in the large vase on the kitchen island real plants or faux plants from your site? If they are faux plants, they look so real!!

  5. Stunning! Adore the color combo of cabinets, backsplash, and countertop!

    I’m so curious about the material used in the countertop, what is it?

  6. Love this kitchen! I have been wanting to add beveled subway tile to my kitchen for awhile now. Happy to see that you like it as well!
    Can you share you built the amazing cabinets?

  7. Love seeing a way to make a huge improvement on an existing home vs. brand new mini mansion. Really shows your teams talent. Countertops look interesting please share material info. So many love marble but are fearful to try it. This looks like a great alternative unless it’s marble too lol! Thanks in advance and love your web series!!

  8. Lovely kitchen! Light enough without feeling stark and different from the too commonly used gray. Please, please share the countertop material!

  9. Coming back to look at this beautiful kitchen, can you share the dishwasher manufacturer and the countertop you chose to use in this light airy neutral kitchen.

    Thank you for sharing.


    1. Hi- curious if you ended up using stone 2 or 3? I got both two and agree that the stone 2 looks more like the photo..

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