3 Unconventional Design Solutions

Get the behind-the-scene take on some of our design solutions!

21 August 2017 -

From small spaces, to unique floor plans, design isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Often times, we have to design around a space and incorporate unconventional solutions into the design. We’re sharing three example out of endless amounts to walk you through our design solutions process:

  • Identify the problem
  • Prioritize your needs
  • Consider your solutions
  • Make it work, designers!

Off-Center Rug

Small spaces lend their own special challenges — especially when it comes to a floor plan. In the Denver Tudor project, we had to work with what we were given in the space, pick our priorities, and make compromises. Centering the couch on the window came first — it’d make the biggest impact when you walk into the room. Next, we needed to choose a rug that fit and filled the space, but place it so it didn’t cover the marble slab in front of the fireplace. In order to do so, the rug couldn’t be centered under the couch. Another option would have been a smaller rug, but it would look like a postage stamp in the space and wouldn’t tie the room together. Lastly, we centered in front of the windows to add balance to the room.

Unbalanced Window

Unfortunately, every room isn’t perfectly designed to be symmetrical. In our Promontory project’s guest suite, there was only a window on one side of the room. Our main challenge figuring out how to bring balance to the space. We did that by designing a gallery wall that wrapped around the headboard on the right side. As a bonus, we also loved how it made the space feel personal and full of character.

Abundant Built-in Cabinets

In the SC Modern Coastal, we wanted to take advantage of the natural light and create plenty of room to style. We designed built-ins around the TV area and symmetrical reading nooks under the window. We had more space for more built-ins, but having them face the same direction of the ones around the TV overwhelmed the space. We decided to orient them to face perpendicular to the other open shelves, so it wasn’t shelf overload from the front view and looks perfectly styled from every angle.

Date Posted
21 August 2017