The Sunday 7 (and a peek of The Surfjack)

My Weekly Sunday 7 post from Hawaii! 

09 July 2017 -

1. Guess what?! We’re actually on vacation right now! We haven’t taken off of work for a full week since we started our business nearly 3 years ago. It is much much needed for us to take some time away and recharge. We’re staying at The Surfjack Hotel and it is SO CUTE. Basically, it’s an instagrammer’s paradise. Good design around every corner and good food too.

Studio McGee's Sunday 7
Studio McGee's Sunday 7
Studio McGee Sunday 7
Studio McGee's Sunday 7

2. What’s in my suitcase:

This swimsuit top that is so cute and incredibly flattering.

Paired with these bottoms.

This coverup and this one.

These sandals because they go with everything.

These sunglasses. Always.

And about 100 diapers, but that’s not nearly as cute as the other stuff.

3. We often think of inspiration coming from big, grand spaces like kitchens and living rooms. However, sometimes the most inspiring spaces for me are the small ones. I love this little nook I pinned earlier this week:

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

via Jennifer Worts Design

4. Bought these earrings recently and they are so dang good. I throw them on with a t-shirt and instantly feel 10x cooler.

5. If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw it was my birthday earlier this week! Syd and the team surprised me with a cute lunch at Pizza NONO. It’s a pizza joint with killer wallpaper, so obviously it was perfect. After lunch I just wanted to hang with my girls and my little Wren just kept telling me, “Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!” over and over. It was the best gift of the day!

Studio McGee's Sunday 7
Studio McGee's Sunday 7
Studio McGee's Sunday 7
Studio McGee's Sunday 7

6. Every year I get excited to wear a birthday dress like a 6 year old.

7. We finished my birthday with a family bike ride at sunset. Do you have simple things that you find good for the soul? I’d love to hear about them. I don’t think I can recall a single time when a bike ride didn’t result in even a little bit of smiling or laughter. And it’s really hard to work or look at my phone while trying to balance, so the mental break is always welcome! And speaking of breaks, I’m going to enjoy the rest of our vacation!


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09 July 2017