How We Decorate With Pennants
07/13 Design Tips

How We Decorate With Pennants

Pennants are one of our favorite accessories. Here's how we style them!

We love decorating with pennants! They're an easy way to express your style in different ways and add some character to your walls. You can choose one that honors your school spirit, your favorite beach, or one that you just love!

We recently added these pennants to the shop. Our roots are in Southern California so we love the beach-inspired decor!

The Henry Industrial Light paired with the pennant creates a cozy outdoor camping vibe that is so fun for a kid's room!

Studio McGee Decor Favorites: Pennants

Design by Kelly Nutt Design

Design by Lay Baby Lay

Design by Beth Barden

From our first Studio

From The Midway House


Design by Jaclyn Johnson and David Kaul

static1.squarespace-1 (3).jpg

Design by Lark Interiors


Design by Shore Society

From our Windsong Project


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