Our Favorite Light-Filled Homes

Summer is here and we're feeling inspired by sunny, light-filled spaces!

12 July 2017 -

We’re celebrating warmer temperatures by looking at some of our favorite light-filled homes from around the web! We love the way they use coastal inspiration combined natural texture and elements to brighten the home. Get the look at the end of the post!


The natural wood does all the talking in this kitchen and we’re not mad about it. It contrasts against the neutral backsplash and light cabinetry! Don’t ignore those dark countertops, either.

Kitchen by Kelly Nutt Design

The dark texture in the nightstand combined with the dark floors and bed frame makes the white walls and bright pillows stand out even more. They’re killing it!

Bedroom by Jette Creative

Every element in this bedroom is light and neutral, making it to most soothing space ever. It’s begging light to come in, and begging you to spend your time relaxing. Nailed it!

Bedroom by Timothy Godbold

We love all the windows in our Avenues Modern Home. The light wood elements are complimented and contrasted with rich, modern colors and textures. The contrast is so bright and beautiful.

Avenues Modern Project

The bathroom may be small, but eery inch is full of light! The plant does so much to bring life to the space.

Light-Filled Bathroom

Avenues Modern Project

This space has some touches of glam and bohemian, it’s full of coastal charm! The owner is pretty lucky to be surrounded by all that beautiful greenery in the yard.

Bedroom by Amanda Barnes Interiors

Our Southern California Modern Coastal project is very coastal. We chose a rug that’s thick and cozy, but has a light, organic pattern on it. The wooden open shelving is an opportunity for styling our favorite beach-inspired decor.

SC Modern Coastal Project

From the lightweight woven shades, to the brass chandelier, and the rattan frame of the chairs, this space is whimsical and inviting.


Pacific Palisades Project

Date Posted
12 July 2017