Hillside Kitchen Remodel Webisode
08/01 Project Tours

Hillside Kitchen Remodel Webisode

See how we partnered with Semihandmade to get a high-contrast kitchen with the dreamiest cabinets!

This week’s episode is especially fun because we’re sharing the kitchen remodel of videographer, Beth Fielding of Fielding Films!

She’s usually behind the camera so it was fun to have her in front of it for a change. We partnered with Semihandmade for all the doors, drawers, and cabinets in the project. We usually go custom with our cabinets, but when we can’t Semihandmade is the way to go.

Beth and her family lived in the home during the renovation, so we were motivated to put the kitchen back together as quickly as possible. We were impressed by the ease of the Semihandmade process! Ikea came to the home and covered the measurements and details, providing a detailed list of what was needed. Based on Ikea’s shopping list, Semihandmade made a list of all the doors and drawers needed for the kitchen. You can get cabinets fronts from Semihandmade that you can paint a custom color, but we choose their prepainted shaker option and the install process was easy! Semihandmade is a great option if you want something that feels custom. Plus, if you lived in the house during the remodel like Beth did, it’s a great option for a fast install. You don’t want to lose your kitchen and living room for too long when you’ve got a family!

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Studio McGee
  1. You have quickly become my favorite blog and instagram page! I have learned so much from you. Thanks for sharing tips and ideas and links to the beautiful products you sell.

  2. I love following you on instagram! Every post is a design inspiration. I literally had Ikea out today to help me redesign my kitchen and am submitting my plans to Semi handmade tomorrow. A question though. Did you use Ikea countertops or source separately?

  3. I’m obsessed with y’all and can spot your designs from a mile away. My dream is to tackle a fixer upper one day and have y’all help with it! Love, love, love your designs!!!

  4. So how do you transition from tile to wood floor or when you install tile over any preexisting flooring- any ideas/ suggestions? I am planning on doing some tiles over polished concrete and I am not sure if that would be a safety hazard.

  5. I am about to get ready for a DIY kitchen overhaul myself and I am wondering if I paint or have my cabinets painted what types of paint/coating holds up the best in kitchens settings? I really want the color, but am scared that there will be chips and scratches galore. I have a two year old and just want something beautiful, but it must also obviously be practical 🙂

  6. Love all of your work! Would you be able to share the color of the white paint you used on the walls?

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