The Sunday 7 – Business as Usual

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30 July 2017 -

1. This week was business as usual – one of our designers flew out to present for a new build in Woodside, California (you’ll only have to wait a year to see it, ha!) and we are working like crazy to finish the furniture designs for another massive lake house we’re working on. The finishes at the lake house are in the middle of being implemented and now we’re focusing on the furniture. It is expected to be completed by Christmas, so it’s go time! It will be a modern rustic style in a very different way than we have done before. I think this image with the stone/timbers/modern light gives a good idea of the direction:

Image via Architectural Digest

2. Last night we packed a picnic dinner and spent our evening at the lake. It was easily one of the best nights of our summer. Funny how it’s rarely the lavish experiences that make the highlight reel; instead it’s the moments filled with windblown hair, sandwiches on an old blanket, and kids giggling, that stay in my mind for years to come. 

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

3. We are heading to Vegas (tonight) for market! When in Vegas, wear this dress with these shoes.

4. When in Vegas at market, wear these sandals and the best white v-neck around. A really good backpack is also a must. 

5. I’ve been doing Invisalign over the last few months. I’m at the end and had one stubborn tooth, so I have braces for a week! It has been interesting trying to film videos and talk to clients while trying to adjust to feeling 12 again, ha. So if I see you at market and I do a weird grin, you’ll know why 😉

6. Our newest video is finally out! We had a bit of a hiatus, but already have another one coming for you next week! Here is a very sneaky peek of the kitchen makeover:

Studio McGee

Photo by Kate Osborne

7. You’ve heard me talk about podcasts before – Syd and I love them! Right now we’ve been listening to Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach podcast pretty religiously. I promise it’s not cheesy! I rolled my eyes when I first heard about it and then found myself hooked. 

Have a great week! Xo-S

Date Posted
30 July 2017