The Sunday 7: Top 10 Home and Fashion Picks
07/24 The Sunday 7

The Sunday 7: Top 10 Home and Fashion Picks

My weekly Sunday 7 post...a little bit of this and a little bit of that. xo-S

1. Hi! I'm back! I'm one of those weird people that looks forward to getting into my routine after vacation. We went to Oahu and traveled to different parts of the island for a few days and then stayed at the Disney resort for the kids to live out all of their wildest dreams. We stayed off our phones (for the most part) and didn't talk about work (also for the most part). It was magical!

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

2. 2 days after we got home I took a day trip to Atlanta with one of our designers for a presentation. Our client lives there, but is building a big lake house in Minnesota. I'm not usually the one that goes out for these long distance presentations, but this one worked out that way so we could sit on the plane for 3 hours there and back prepping for another presentation! We are working with a super talented architecture firm on the project and will be going for a more minimal style than we have ever done before...I'm really excited about it! Here is a pic that gives a hint of the vibe:

3. I know everyone and their mom is talking about the Nordstrom sale, but here are my top 10 picks! Hurry because everything is selling like hotcakes.

4. And in the spirit of "top 10s", here are my top 10 favorite home decor accessories under $100 at McGee & Co. right now:

5. I posted this photo from Mrs. Measom on Instagram earlier this week and was BLOWN AWAY with how many likes and comments it received. Are we all just craving something other than white houses these days?!

Studio+McGee's+Sunday+7 (1).jpg

6. Speaking of houses, Syd and I have sacrificed a lot over the last 3 years to build our business and one of the big ones is that we have been renting to focus both time and money on Studio McGee. Considering our line of work, it has been a challenge to not have the freedom to do whatever we want in our own home. However, I think that maybe, just maybe, our time might be coming. I use the phrase 'our time' loosely because it could be another year, but we're getting warmer. In the meantime, instead of building ourselves a house...we're building a teeny one for our girls! We're basically recreating this one with a few little modifications, but not many because because it's really freaking cute:

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

7. Along with what I said above, entrepreneurship is an exercise in hard work, thick skin, and patience. Our business creates beauty everyday, but work is work! And sometimes it's not pretty. One day I'm on cloud 9 because we have just wrapped up a killer project and the next day we're in the trenches. So for all you entrepreneurs and those who have dreams of becoming one, one of my favorite quotes is for you:

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

Here's to happening to things this week! Xo-S

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Studio McGee
  1. Does anyone have any other pictures of houses with colored exteriors? It is refreshing to see something different…

    1. I have a few on my instagram feed. While I blog about our house, I love to post pictures of beautiful houses in my town or the lake we visit on instagram. I posted one today where the lower half is white and the upper half is hunter green. There is also a purple house and a turquoise house on there. That all sounds very weird, but they are all executed very well!! I’m on there as ourcorneroftheworldblog.

  2. Love your design and posts! Building a business is hard work but you make it seem almost effortless because your design aesthetic is so incredibly gorgeous. I’ve never seen a pic yet of a home I couldn’t live in with great joy! Wish I could afford you! 🙂 For now, I will just enjoy watching your business grow and all the beautiful things you share with us. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Shea. That seriously made me a little teary. I’m a newish designer and sometimes I feel both overwhelmed and inadequate. But it was good reminder to embrace those awesome days that just seem to come together!:). I feel like I know you. Haha like the rest of your "cult followers" I’m sure. You do amazing work and I can’t wait to see what you create for your own family real soon!!!

    1. This is so sweet Heidi! Thank you for your kind words and support, we wish you the best as a new designer! Xoxo

  4. Love number 7. Thank you!!!

    My husband and I own two businesses and it is amazes me how one day everything is great and we are on top of the world, then, the very next day, it can feel like nothing I do is good enough and things are falling apart. I have learned that this is just the process of our business (ebbs and flows) but am so happy to hear other entrepreneurs in other industries deal with the same thing.

    1. Wow, that’s a lot! Sending all the good vibes to you two, and thank you for the sweet comment! Xo

  5. I LOVE the play house! Are you buying one pre made or building from the ground up?? I would love to do this but I want it to be big enough for my 8 year old and still work for the 1 year old! The pre made ones seem small to me…whats your plan?? Thanks! I’m a huge fan of all you do!


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