The Accessory You Need in Every Room

Check out the accessory you can style again and again!

27 July 2017 -

Trays are easily one of the most versatile and functional decor items. With a tray, a space tends to feel collected and polished instead of randomly scattered clutter. Plus, they give you the opportunity to create dimension and create vignettes by layering various accessories.

There are endless ways to decorate with a tray, but our favorite places to use them are the bathroom, living room, and kitchen. Today we’re showing you our favorite ways to use a tray!


You can also play with natural textures and colors with the trays you choose. You can also take the opportunity to display personal knickknacks, special trinkets, and anchor smaller items.


Create a spa-like effect in the bathroom by clustering objects like candles, soaps, and bowls in a tray. Necessities like cotton swabs, cotton balls, and other not-so-glamorous objects are easily enhanced when stored in a pretty jar or bowl in a tray.


Is it possible to keep the remote in the living room in sight for a whole day? We like to give it a dependable home while keeping it out of sight by throwing it in a tray! It will easily blend in with decorative coffee table books, vases, and other objects you display. And the best part is it will stay out of the never ending abyss that is the couch cushions. We also love how a tray serves as a stable flat surface if your coffee table is an ottoman or has a cushioned surface.


A tray has so many convenient purposes in the kitchen. Not only is it perfect for transporting dishware and appetizers when entertaining, but it’s a place to store your most used ingredients like olive oil, salt, and pepper. Keep your tray next to the stove and you won’t have to reach all over to reach your ingredients. We also keep round trays around for fresh produce that isn’t refrigerated.

Date Posted
27 July 2017