Tips for the Perfect Laundry Room
07/26 Design Tips

Tips for the Perfect Laundry Room

Keep in mind these things when designing a laundry room!

When you go through the list of places you want to decorate in the home, the laundry room usually ends up on the back burner. Typically, it's not a space that's designed to be center stage. However, we like it as a place of refuge with clean minimal decor and a functional design. Today, we'll walk you through how to get the perfect laundry room. 

Good Lighting

If only we can all do laundry by natural light! Unfortunately, the reality is that dream is usually not the case. We not only like to focus on good lighting for functionality, but a pretty light can also work as a beautiful focal point of a room and take the design to the next level. 

From our Modern Mountain Home

Accessible Storage

Sometimes you want to hide your clutter, but in a laundry room — it's the clutter you need to reach for the most! We use trays and baskets to group products.  

CounterTop space 

Even in smaller spaces, we try to create a countertop surface for laundry rooms. You'll need it to treat, sort, and fold clothes. One good go-to layout is using a front-loading washer and dryer and adding a countertop over it. 

From our Windsong Project 

Low-Maintenance Flooring 

We want flooring that isn't afraid to get wet — accidents happen! Also, we like warming up the laundry room with indoor/outdoor rugs, since they are low maintenance. You can literally hose them off! 

From the Midway House 

Hanging space

You need a space for hanging your garments that don't go in the dryer! A great place for this is beneath a cabinet or shelf. An alternative option is hanging a foldable drying rack — if you have the wall space.

From our Park City Canyons Remodel 

Tips for the Perfect Laundry Room

From the Parade Home

Wipeable Surfaces

Wipeable counters and tiled backsplashes always make for easy clean up when dirty laundry is thrown in the room!

From our Promontory Project