Friday Inspiration: Getaway Spaces

Nooks and cabin getaways on Pinterest today!

21 July 2017 -

The weekend is here! This week we talked about vintage art, and even gave you some of our favorite sources to shop. We also shared our favorite dining chairs for every design style, because we know how difficult they are to pick out. We rarely use faux greenery. We like to stick to the real stuff, but sometimes life happens and faux greenery is the most convenient. So we showed you how to style faux stems to make them look as real as possible.

Salt Lake City welcomed the McGee’s home from Hawaii with some rain this week! This cozy bedroom puts us in the room to embrace the storm with a relaxing book.

Photo by Idha Lindhag 

The blue details in this bathroom are so refreshing! And there’s some vintage art we love. 

Design by Mark D. Sikes

This is the bunk bed nook of our childhood summer dreams! 

Studio McGee Top Pinned Images

Design by Velvet & Linen

Speaking of nooks, this one is perfection. We love how they made a small space feel open and inviting. 


Design by Lacey Chaus

Look at that vanity!! The natural wood tones are soft, warm, and perfect for a relaxing bathroom. 

Design by Dana Wolter Interiors

We love how the artwork makes the space feel open, calm, and serene. The neutral color palette is inspiring us too!

Design by M. Elle Design

Maybe laundry rooms are where we should put our focus on. If they’re pretty, more laundry gets done, right? This one nails it! 

Design by Brian and Gina Bishop

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Date Posted
21 July 2017