Our Favorite Ceiling Details
07/18 Design Tips

Our Favorite Ceiling Details

Take a look at our favorite ceiling details! 

When people think of finishes that set the tone of a home, they rarely think of ceilings. Constantly overlooked and overshadowed by paint, wall treatments, and flooring, we can't help but celebrate the dramatic difference a good ceiling can create in the home. With ceilings, it's all in the details. They can really take a design to the next level, and drastically change the mood in the space — from massive wood beams to the grandeur of a coffer detail. Today we're sharing our favorite examples to remind you that something as little as a ceiling detail can make all the difference.


From our Cove Street Project 

From our Mountainside Remodel 

static1.squarespace (22).jpg

From our Pacific Palisades Project

From our Midway House

Natural Wood Beams

From our Park City Canyons Remodel

static1.squarespace (3).jpg

Design by Carter Design

From our Promontory Project

Tongue and Groove

Design by BHDM Design


From our Windsong Project

Design by Avenue Lifestyle


Design by Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent

From our Pacific Palisades Project


From our Los Altos Kitchen

From our Mid-Century Modern Project

From our Promontory Project

From our Windsong Project

Design by Tamara Magel

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Studio McGee
  1. The ceiling detail in all of your examples / projects are amazing! Which of the ceiling details if any would you recommend using for a ranch home with only 8′ ceilings? Would added detail tend to make the ceilings look lower or higher?

  2. Hi Shea,
    What paint finish on the ceiling did you use for the Windsong project? I was thinking of using a semi gloss, but now I’m thinking a satin finish in BM’s Dove White might be best(?)

  3. Hi there- I’m also curious about paint colors and sheen used in the coffee photos as well as paint ideas for the tray.. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Shea: Pics are gorgeous! I know you used Swiss Coffee on your walls in your new home. Did you use the same color on the ceilings?

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