Park City Canyons Remodel: Great Room, Dining, Kitchen
06/13 Dining

Park City Canyons Remodel: Great Room, Dining, Kitchen

Tour the great room and kitchen of our Canyons Project!

We're back today to reveal the great room and kitchen of our Park City Canyons Remodel! Yesterday we walked you through the video tour in our latest webisode. Today, we're excited to show you the photos. This is a full-service client, so we can't give away all the sources, but we linked to the ones we can at the bottom of the post! Our clients wanted a cabin that was more cozy than modern, so we tried to make it a warm, welcoming space for them to escape to without the space feeling too heavy or kitschy.

BEFORE: Great Room

AFTER: Great Room

We placed one of our new doormats on top of the Rugby indoor/outdoor rug to create visual interest and to play with layering. Both are durable and great for high traffic areas like the front door.
Instead of doing a modern mountain home, our client wanted to take the cozy route. This nook feels perfect with its warm natural colors and intimate dining area.
The entry way wasn't very welcoming so we took pine boards and stained them gray. This really made things feel warm and cozy. The natural light that pours into this space really illuminates and highlights the Chloe table. We love the worn, but sophisticated look it brings to the space.
We loved these wooden beams that brought so much character and warmth to the cabin. We painted the matching baseboards a warm gray so the wood wouldn't be overpowering.

Before: Dining & Kitchen

After: Dining & Kitchen

This dining area is now bright and open, a cozy place for the family to eat or entertain extra guests. The Tatum Dining Chair is perfect for this room because it has a rustic cross back feature, but is built in a warm wood.
We didn't need to make too many changes in the kitchen. We changed the countertops and gave the cabinets a fresh coat of paint.
We added some of our favorite McGee & Co. accessories here to warm up the white kitchen.
The Stoneware Utility Crock is a go-to of ours because it's neutral and easy-going, but full of natural texture. It pairs perfectly with the Canyon Crock and stores spoons, rolling pins, and utensils with ease.
The Benu Dining Table is ideal for almost any home! It blends with different furniture pieces and design styles and comes in multiple sizes. We used the Moore Dining Chairs to bring a touch of industrial to the kitchen.


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  1. You always select the perfect vintage rugs for each of your spaces! I’m always on the hunt for great rugs for my home, so I appreciate all of the work you must do to locate such beauties!

  2. I have been looking for the perfect frames with oversized mat. Love this!! The ones you have linked look darker – did you use brass or brown?

    1. Well the ones in the photo were custom made in a driftwood finish, so we linked to something similar!

  3. This is gorgeous! I love your work! We are currently doing a remodel in Colorado and would love to know where you found the oversized print of the pine trees covered in snow. Thank you! Christina

  4. Would love to know what countertops you used for the island & perimeter cabinets! Just beautiful!

  5. Beautiful! Could you tell me where the sink is from? I’ve been looking for a different kind of apron sink and it’s perfect!

  6. What does it mean that because it was a full service client you can’t reveal many of the sources? Thanks

    1. Our full-service clients are paying for the full experience of having a unique home designed for them, so we like to respect the process and the family by using custom products and only revealing certain sources!

  7. This is an amazing remodel on a house that wasn’t too bad to start. Also, this house is huge!!!! I would have a panic attack trying to style it.

  8. This house is just too gorgeous! Love the wooden beams. (so glad you didn’t get rid of them) The pine boards in the entry seriously have me swooning. I can’t stop staring. The kitchen is perfect. The kitchen sink is so nice. The styling is always on point. I’ll just be here drooling over everything in this remodel b/c it’s so fab!

  9. What a beautiful transformation! I was wondering if you know what type of wood the front door is and what type of stain, if any, was used on it? We’re installing a front door in white oak, and I’d love to obtain a similar finish.

  10. Everything is just beautiful! Do you have the art in the dining room available or a source for it? Thank you!

  11. Great work!! I’m dying to know where the vase in the entryway that sits on the Chloe Table is from, if you didn’t mind sharing!

  12. Can you tell me the name of the countertop used on the island? Love it. The whole place is gorgeous!!

  13. Hi! Gorgeous remodel! Are you able to share the white color you used for the walls? I have such a hard time choosing a wall color and this looks so nice. Thanks!

  14. Thank you! You mentioned the trim was Chelsea Gray cut at 25%. Maybe a dumb question, but does that mean the paint is 75% of the formula for Chelsea Gray or 25%?

  15. You mention you refinished the floor. What sheen did you choose? I’m debating between a satin or a matte. Thanks!

  16. Wow – I can’t stop looking at these pictures. I know you mentioned that you can’t reveal all of our sources, but that console table behind the couch in the great room is EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Any chance you can provide more information on the console table, as well as the dining room table? Thank you!

  17. This project and the Windsong project are two of my favorites ever. Trying to figure out how to describe my "design style"….what would you call these two styles? Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. I absolutely love this! Stunning! Is there anyway you could tell me what kind of countertops these are, as well as the island’s top? Is the sink custom built?

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