Vineyard Parade Home Webisode (Pt. 2)
06/28 Webseries

Vineyard Parade Home Webisode (Pt. 2)

Watch the webisode for pt. 2 of our Parade Home! 

If you're caught up with our Parade Home journey you'll know that we've been working with Flagship Homes to design a parade home! ( A parade home is a house that participates in an annual event where people tour newly designed spaces.) The house we designed also doubles as the concept of an entirely new development! We showed you the first part in a webisode and toured the home in a photo reveal. Now we're showing you the rest of the home! Enjoy seeing the process of designing a parade home, and get the look yourself below.





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Studio McGee
  1. Always impressed with everything you. On your next blog post could you please provide a link to the floor plan of this home? I found it hard to find on the neighborhoods website. Thank you.

  2. Can you give us the details (brand/color) for the carpeting? Carpet is so hard to choose! Beautiful job!!

    1. Yes please! I’d love to know where the carpeting on the stairs is from. Another great house from Studio McGee!

  3. Ok. I debated about asking this, but I just have to. In all your photos (for all your homes) all the duvets are
    p-e-r-f-e-c-t. I, for the life of me, can not get a duvet to fit my bed. I have a king size bed and king sized duvets/down comforters. They come over the side of the bed ~7 inches max and then you see the sheets, coverlet, etc. and it looks – well, it looks LESS than Studio McGee. So what am I missing????

  4. Such a beautiful home! Do you mind telling me where the grey duvet covers in the boys room are from? So simple and perfect!

  5. It’s a long shot that you’ll see this given that the post was so long ago but can you tell me where you got the emerald green drapes that are in the nursery?

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