How to Style Your Throw Pillows
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How to Style Your Throw Pillows

We're here to show you how to style your pillows the Studio McGee way! 

It's easy to see that we're a little obsessed with throw pillows. We love them so much, we've even designed our own textile line! Today we're going to teach you how to master throw pillows using our new line of pillows.

#1: Start with the right size

The first thing you need to do is select the right size of pillow! If you go too big it dwarves your sofa, and if you go too small it looks kind of dinky. I actually prefer pillows on the bigger side so I'll start with a standard size, a 22 or 24-inch pillow at the back. Then we'll level the rest of the pillows forward.

#2: USE Patterns and Textures

I like to use a mix of organic and straight-line graphic prints while throwing in a solid texture for dimension. The combination works really well. In a traditional setting, you'll match your pillows on both sides of the sofa. But I like to mash up all different prints and even throw in some larger scaled patterns with smaller ones.

#3: Mix it Up

Like we mentioned before, we'll start with a 24-inch pillow when styling pillows. Then we'll layer in some 22-inch or 20-inch sizes and complete the gathering with a lumbar, or a tiny pillow in the front. Remember to pay attention to contrasting shapes, lines, sizes, patterns, and textures!

If you liked these tips, stay tuned for pillow styling on a sectional and a bed!

Studio McGee Guide to Pillow Styling


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Studio McGee
  1. Great post thank you for sharing! I have a question regarding leather sofas. Would you consider a cognac leather sofa to be a dark or light sofa?

  2. Great video! How do you know when there are too many patterns going on in the room (throw pillow, rugs, drapes)?

  3. Hi Shae and the design team!

    This is such amazing advice! I blog about decorating so I spend a lot of time scouring the internet for awesome design tips to help make me a better more rounded stylist.

    This post stands out to me so much. Not because it’s revolutionary but because it breaks it down to such a simple to understand level.

    This line I was shaking my head yes while reading.
    "use a mix of organic and straight-line graphic prints while throwing in a solid texture for dimension."

    I’ve been following these guidelines but had never stopped to think about it. So simple but such great advice.

    Last up! I am so excited about your new line of pillows. I love that they seem a bit more masculine but still beautiful.

    Have a great day and thank you for always sharing your knowledge with us!

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